So it’s your Birthday, or your mates, let’s be honest, who plans their own party these days. You’ve either got planning extraordinaire friend or, they are all rubbish and you are the fore mentioned planning extraordinaire and therefore have no choice but to plan yourself. Here at Late Night London, we know it isn’t always cool (is saying cool even cool anymore?) to plan a night out, however when it comes to a special occasion, planning is key so you make sure the night is epic. Here is a key list of things to consider when planning a birthday

Where are you starting?

Pre-Drinkers - Do you have a mate’s house you can start at, or are you, still living with your parents? Just as an FYI living with your parents until you’re 30 is now completely respectable and we are not judging you.  Be the king / queen of pre drinkers and take a Cocktail Masterclass

The out before the out outers – are you that group that likes to go for sophisticated (or not so sophisticated) pre-venue drinks. If so, it is important to consider your drink to shot ratio. We suggest a 4:1. So for every 4 drink you have earned yourself 1 shot. You don’t want to get so bladdered, that the next place doesn’t let you in… don’t be that person, no one likes that person.  If you’re only in the 1st venue for 3 drinks, well sucks to be you, no shots! Check out our suggestions for early drinking venues

What are you drinking?

This one is simple! Can you handle you’re booze? You need to answer this one truthfully, don’t try and be billy big bollocks, down 7 doubles, throw up on yourself, wipe your jeans in a bar toilet and smell musky for the rest of the night. Stick to singles (at least for the 1st hour). Here are the best drinks for the not so hard core drinkers 

What do you want from your night?

A fleeky Instagram feed - is your main goal to not only have fun, but to enhance your Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t be embarrassed to admit it, we all get insta-envy sometimes. Here are the most instagramable bars about

Moves, I want to show my moves! – So you’ve lubed up your joints with your pre drinks and now you’re ready to show the world your best dance moves. Whether you are a head bopper, a twerker, or have a routine to every song, we have a venue to suit you!

Music – really good music - we all have those friends that will only listen to progressive, deep, technically difficult, thick house. Obviously that is a completely made up genre, but you get the point. Music is important, to some more than others.

A celeb hotspot – We see celebrities all the time on social media, TV and in the press in these bars that look exclusive and expensive. We’ll let you into a secret; they ain’t all that exclusive, and half the time, not that expensive either. The cast of Made In Chelsea are often spotted in Forge, Kanaloa and Fifty9.


Party Packages

Whether you’re celebrating your 18th, 21st, or 30th Late Night London have wrapped up the best birthday packages ever. Take a look and make a booking for your next big birthday!

18th Birthday Party

18th Birthday

Turning 18 is a special occasion and what better way to celebrate than with a party at your chosen Late Night London bar.

21st Birthday Party

21st Birthday

If you would like some help planning a 21st birthday party our experts have lots of ideas up their sleeves, get in touch today.

30th Birthday Party

30th Birthday

Is your 30th birthday coming up? If so, why not let us help plan a night to remember at one of our Late Night London Bars.

40th Birthday Party

40th Birthday

You've probably heard it a thousand times but 40 is the new 30. Celebrate in style with Late Night London.

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Venues

With over 40 venues in and around London, we are the ideal place to look when it comes to choosing your birthday party venue.

We're here to help!

If you need help finding the perfect venue to suit your requirements, our team of planners are here to help.