Unwritten London Rules

5th March 2015

So in the greatest City in the world we have a series of widely accepted, unspoken rules that help us co-exist in what some people may deem to be a slightly frenetic state of affairs. These are the rules of the street – the unspoken laws of our time.

20 Signs You're a 'Grown-Up'

16th February 2015

You know that feeling you get one day when you turn around and you are like ‘holy shit I grew up’. Well, either you know what I speak of, or you will. There are, of course, some key indicators that you have in fact become one of them - 'a grown'...

A Single Girl's Valentine's Survival Guide

13th February 2015

So Valentine's can be a little stressful for the single folk among us; the whole day is effectively engineered to make you feel inferior if you do not have someone declaring their love for you in an overblown and cringy way...

Resolutions For a Londoner

8th January 2015

We are all well aware of the cursed New Years Resolution, those blasted things sent to make us all feel deeply inadequate at every turn.

Major Christmas Party Avoids

4th December 2014

It’s exceptionally easy to get carried away at this time of the year. We have all worked hard, a well-deserved break is finally in sight and before you know it the alcohol is flowing at you from all directions and...

30 Things For Approaching 30

19th November 2014

Turning 30 is a milestone in any person's life. Ever since I turned 29 I’ve been waiting for some sort of extreme anxiety to hit, considering our obsession with women and age, but it has not. Much to my own surprise.

Do you speak 'London'?

23rd October 2014

It is very obvious to those of us who reside in London that there is a language all to itself that comes along with living here. For those who don’t speak it here is the lowdown. A London Dictionary, you could say.

London Cocktail Week Is Here

8th October 2014

The all-important week of cocktails is upon us with 7 days of enjoying ridiculously tasty tipples and then some. Throughout this fare, over 200 fabulous locations are offering incredible deals and offers and other sensations. Taste sensations that is.