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Poppy Dinsey is the founder and editor of the UK's largest outfit sharing site WIWT.com. Poppy has been named by The Evening Standard as one of London's "1000 Most Influential People" and has been heralded by Stylist Magazine as "changing the face of the fashion industry". Her favourite cocktail is a Pornstar Martini and you can tweet her at @PoppyD.

Something For The Weekend - Part 80

11th December 2015

If you're still looking for things to put on your Christmas list or are simply after some pieces to accidentally-on-purpose treat yourself to whilst shopping for others, then LOOK NO FURTHER.

Something For The Weekend - Part 79

4th December 2015

Assuming you're not too exhausted/broke from all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans, I'm here to tell you about some MORE lovely things you can buy this week.

Something For The Weekend - Part 78

20th November 2015

It's the freakin' weekend! Yes! FINALLY. I thought we might never get here at one point. I'll be celebrating all things Saturday with a Bambi coat (yep, that's a thing, see below for details) and Hotline Bling on repeat because, by some sort of bizarre miracle, I only heard it for the first time yesterday. I KNOW. Happy shopping! x

Something For The Weekend - Part 77

13th November 2015

This week's shopping edit has left me thinking that I may have to re-adjust my Christmas wishlist; I want to wait til the big day itself for the lovely fur jacket from Topshop but I also want to WEAR IT RIGHT NOW. What's a girl to do?

Something For The Weekend Part 76 - Velvet Edition

6th November 2015

After noticing a rather high number of velvet items on my shopping wishlist this week, I thought I may as well go hell for leather (or, errrr, hell for velvet) and just dedicate this entire shopping edit to all things velvety.

November Hot List

3rd November 2015

Before we get *too* excited about ice rinks and Christmas markets, let's just take a minute to appreciate everything NOVEMBER. Yes there's fireworks (yey!) and Thanksgiving (don't need to be American to enjoy eating til your jeans hurt, eh?) but there's loads of other fun stuff going on in our fair capital too. Here's our pick of what to see, eat, drink and do this month in London town...

Something For The Weekend

16th October 2015

Things I am now obsessed with: outrageously tactile textures, side splits in everything, flowy sleeves and statement jackets.

Something For The Weekend

9th October 2015

This week's high street edit nearly became a love letter to polo necks but I reigned it in (just) and have thrown in some coats and other bits so it's not all glorious knitwear.