Fresh as a daisy the next day

11 December 2013

We’ve ALL been there. A week night out on the town went on a little — or a lot — too long. In December that's pretty standard, right? But now you have to drag yourself into the office…

The little amount of sleep you did manage to get combined with the large amount of alcohol that’s still in your body can leave your skin looking dull and eyes puffy. Not to mention that feeling that your body’s been dragged through a hedge backwards…we can all relate.

But fear not. When parties are your job description, you pick up a few tricks over the years. Follow these quick & simple steps and you’ll be looking as fresh as daisy on the outside no matter how much you’re huuuurting on the inside!

1. Apparently Kate Moss swears by this (therefore, so shall I) – fill a bowl with ice water and cucumber, then dunk your face in for as long as you can manage. Repeat once or twice. It will tighten up all that tired skin.

2. Moisturise afterwards with face lotion that contains fake tan, as this will give a glow to your pale visage.

3. Apply a brightly coloured lipstick to focus people’s attention on your lips and away from your tired eyes.

4. And finally a top knot! A simple fab solution to a very big problem of knotty and unclean hair. Brushing your hair is a tall order after the amount of hairspray you used last night so the knots can wait till tomorrow.

5. Pop a Berocca or other vitamin supplements that will help revive the inside as well as the out.

6. Most importantly, drink. Water that is. Hit the hydration station and drink as much water as possible.

7. Coffee? No way. Actually coffee makes it worse for your body, so stay far far away from anything with caffeine.

Should these fail, however, not to worry, just opt for our patented ‘Hide-Out-Option’.  It’s pretty self-explanatory; hide in the loo, under your desk (popular choice at Late Night London HQ), in the fire escape… anywhere is ok. Just avoid contact with superiors, nap a little and get your favourite colleague to fetch you some Macca’s!

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin