Poppy's Cocktail Masterclass

20 December 2013

Am I the only one who feels like there is NO TIME for Christmas this year?! Don't get me wrong, I want the break from work and my mountain of roast potatoes and naps in front of Dr Who, but it's NEXT WEEK! And I am not remotely ready.

If you've still got Christmas presents to get, then I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that you're running out of time. Like seriously, you need to get on with it. We're getting into the real danger zone now when it comes to expecting any online purchases to arrive in time for the big day and the shops are just CHAOS. I would do my utmost to avoid the high street if I were you.

But you can't turn up on Christmas Day empty handed, it's not like you didn't know that Christmas was on the 25th of December, so what can you do?

'Experience gifts' are becoming more and more popular, especially for the hard to buy for. We've all got so much ruddy 'stuff' that it can actually be much nicer to go and do something as your present rather than just have another item to find a home for.

And obviously at Late Night London, we would highly recommend a Cocktail Masterclass as the perfect Christmas present!

The standard package starts at £29.95 and includes a welcome drink, two cocktails to make (and drink!) per person and party platters to share. Better still, there's currently 25% off AND you don't need to rely on getting anything sent in the post, just tell the lucky recipient what treats are in store for them (scribble on a card if you're feeling fancy) and you're all sorted. Oh and lets' not forget the added bonus that once your loved one is all clued up in the art of cocktail making, you'll be able to reap the lovely liquid based benefits. Friends who can make good cocktails are friends for life.

Now I didn't want to go recommending you book one of these Cocktail Masterclasses without trying one myself of course, so I headed out to Jewel Piccadilly to see what all the fuss was about. 

And it was the most ridiculous amount of fun. 

I took two pals along with me and we were in fits of giggles from the start (the welcome 'super-charged' shot may have had something to do with it). We listened earnestly as the science was explained and the basics of cocktail 'building' was broken down into stages. Needless to say we were left with more respect for bar staff than ever - that shiz is hard!

We learnt how to make the perfect Lynchburg Lemonade (my new fave drink), Woo Woo and Vodka Martini - as well as general bar skills that could be applied to a whole host of other cocktails. None of us felt confident enough to 'flare' (i.e do all the cray cray bottle juggling stuff) but we could make a pretty mean cocktail by the end!

Our barman Kent looked after us amazingly and once we'd mastered the three classic cocktails (and 'accidentally' made some dud ones which would just have to be consumed - we all hate waste!) we were presented with CERTIFICATES. This made three adult women very happy indeed. There were even Funkin' goodie bags so we could recreate the cocktail magic at home.

Make a booking enquiry here, you won't regret it!

Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey