Wash away the shopping stress

6 December 2013

Let’s face it: Christmas shopping can be exhausting! In fact, a survey has shown that for many men Christmas shopping is more stressful than being dumped, losing their job or moving home. Awww!

But regardless of your sex or whether you’re a shopping lover or hater, you probably won’t be very jolly (AT ALL!) after you’ve elbowed your way through the excruciatingly busy West End aisles or battled your way past the tourists on Oxford Street. You’ll be left with hurting feet and a defeated spirit (we think even Jesus wouldn’t have the patience). You’ll most likely be cursing yourself for choosing this weekend – one of the busiest weekends ALL year – to do your Christmas shopping. Same story every year, right?
Why not relax with a drink or two mid-shop-sesh? Don’t opt for the wine; it’s all about Christmas cocktails. We’ve rounded up 3 of our favourite spots to relish them during a long day of shopping that are guaranteed to up the jolliness again!
Jewel Piccadilly

To the fashionable females of the West End, Jewel Piccadilly is now opening their doors from 12pm, each and every day. You can enjoy some delish food from their new lunch menu, and for dessert? Well, it’s got to be in the liquid form of their super fab Christmas cocktail: the Gingerbread House. It’s like Christmas in a glass. If you’re shopping around Uggs, Barbour, or getting organic Christmas treats from Whole Foods, Jewel Piccadilly is a pretty perfect choice. Book here.


Loop Bar

Escape the 2013 mad rush and drink like it’s the 1920’s in The Loop’s new swanky cocktail bar. Halfway between Oxford and Regent Streets, this Chicago inspired haven serves up a very special Christmas treat: the Candy Cane Martini. It’s a very, very cute cocktail containing Ketel One, Crème de Menthe, peppermint schnapps and milk. Served with a candy cane - could you get any more Christmassy? Probs not. If you’re in the area make sure to pop by because it’s a winner. You can also book here.


This is a very lively cocktail bar just off Regent Street, and as such, the perfect place to prepare for the Christmas battle. Because that is kinda what it is, really! And a few Egg Nogg Martini’s should put you in the Christmas shopping mood. This good old merry classic turns sexy with the addition of Smirnoff Vanilla and Amaretto. Not your average Egg Nogg by any means. Try them during Happy Hour from 5-7pm for 50% off. Book here.



Boyfriend/hubby in tow? Skip the old-man pubs that populate the area and head to the Warwick instead. Its super cosy and they have a great menu of winter warmers, a big selection of beers (to keep the fellas happy) and freshly prepared cocktails. For any of you around Regent Street this weekend, pop in for a little mid-shop treat. Book here.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin