A Cider a Day...

31 October 2013

Gone are the days when women were oh so ladylike, ordering a glass of sherry at the bar. It’s 2013. They're now stepping away from the standard ‘girlie’ drinks and and edging towards what was once considered a ‘lads drink’.

The demand for cider amongst women is definitely increasing. The most popular ciders in our Late Night London venues are Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime and more recently Passionfruit. We probably get as many women asking for cider now as men.

Cider sales in the UK have increased by 80% in the last year, confirming it as one of the most popular drinks alongside lager in the UK, crossing both genders with an extensive age demographic.

With both females and males impacting on the huge rise in sales of cider over recent years we have to ask ourselves: Is there still a gender code around ordering alcohol? For example, would a guy still frown upon a lady ordering a pint and is it still considered laddish? Similarly, would a lady judge a man for ordering a ‘Summer Fruit with a dash of Elderflower’ flavoured cider for being too ‘girlie’?

If you thought cider was a drink saved for summertime drinking, with the colder months more suited to mulled and spiced drinks, you are likely to be wrong. Rekorderlig is offering an apple, cinnamon and vanilla cider that will no doubt hold rank amongst the other ‘winter-time’ drinks.

So what is so seductive about cider? Well, drinkers reckon it’s the refreshing taste of cider that satisfies those taste buds. Although cider is one of the oldest drinks in the UK and we can all imagine Shakespeare enjoying one or two, it is, in fact the preferred choice among young hip drinkers, making it the most timeless beverage around town.