Date Night London

2 November 2013

Ah the art of dating... With technology taking over the matchmaking side of things (thanks Tinder!), there comes a point where you actually have to meet them!

So much advice out there it’s difficult to know what’s right: to shave, or not to shave? Offer to pay for the entire bill or politely suggest going halves? How appropriate is to kiss on the first date? Cleavage or no cleavage? Jeans or a dress? You can guarantee you will have sent several Snap Chats to your BFF to see what they think of the jeans, heels, slinky top and leather jacket combo along with trying to stay cool, calm and collected whilst on an overcrowded boiling hot tube…nice! And don't even get me started on going from work to hot date, #notideal.

The list of do's and dont's are endless, but I believe what’s really important is where you choose to take your date. Getting the location right is the easiest way of impressing your date and getting conversation off smoothly - allowing you to insert an appropriate comment regarding the view, the decor or the cocktails etc. etc. You get my drift.

Anyway, to help you make one decision a bit easier, here are a pick of some of our most fabulously romantic locations which are guaranteed to heat things up…

Opal, Victoria
For a cocktail date, even if it is one straight form work, this stylish and swanky bar is the ultimate place to take a date. With ample booth space to hide away and an extensive cocktail list, you can get comfortably settled for the night and work your way through the list. The black leather furniture and beautiful candle-lit tables create a romantic yet vibrant atmosphere - let’s hope the conversation is as smooth as the interior!

Gow’s, Liverpool Street
For a foodie date visit Gow’s, one of the oldest seafood restaurants in London. This restaurant has gained a reputation over the years for serving some of the freshest seafood, straight from Billingsgate market – and they’ve got a brand new menu. We have to suggest you go for the most seductive choice on the menu - oysters? Never tried them? Well give them a go, however we can't guaranteed you'll look as seductive as they do in the movies! With an extensive wine list and exquisite food, this fancy venue with high-class interior will impress your date no end.

Ruby Blue, Leicester Square
For a dancing date, head to Ruby Blue, where if you're hitting it off, you can try and impress your date further by getting your groove on. This venue offers the best of both worlds; a seating area where you can have a decent conversation and a bite to eat, and also a spacious dance floor where you can boogie the night away. As an extra little tip, guys please don't pull out any dad dancing and girls, you're not 18 anymore - no need to dance like Britney!   

The Editor

The Editors