Bridget ditches the Chardonnay

13 November 2013

She was the thirty-something we could all relate to; a few too many Chardonnays, hater of the gym and on the search for Mr Right. Her diary was a hilarious reflection of the chaos that torments any single girl in London...

Now she's back. According to the third book, Bridget Jones has decided to ditch her favourite tipple, Chardonnay, in favour of cocktails because the units of alcohol are much harder to keep count of – with you on that one! So I’ve taken a guess at what cocktails you’d find her sipping on at the bar in 2013 as a 50-something widow with a whole heap of new dramas.

Espresso Martini
Bridget, no longer the fresh-faced thirty something she once was, will struggle like most middle-aged women to keep up the energy on a night out and may prefer her duvet instead. But a cocktail with an additional caffeine hit is all that’s needed and an Espresso Martini is what dreams are made of for any busy lady.

Watermelon Martini
Bridget has never been a huge fan of the gym and neither am I. So the recent trend of ‘skinny cocktails’ is music to my ears. Thanks to cocktails like the Watermelon Mojito served at Jewel Piccadilly, which has less than 115 calories, we can literally skip straight to the bar, free of worrying about those ‘liquid calories’ that the ditched Chardonnay was full of no doubt.

Tea Cocktails
A cocktail served in a teapot with old fashioned cups and saucers surely counts as afternoon tea right? This is a great excuse for a swift one at an unacceptable hour. Sod the English Breakfast and chocolate digestives and show me the alcohol-filled teapot for one! The Darcy’s would probably approve of this high-society way of drinking too #winning. At Foundation, you can even get a smoking dry ice teapot cocktail for those who enjoy a little bit of extravagance in their lives.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin