Boozing with the Boss

5 November 2013

After-work drinks can be prime schmoozing time. Play it right and you can really stand-out, but over-do-it and you end up, well, less said the better. Ellen Modin explains the rules of boozing with the boss.

I believe savvy girls these days aren't just treating the after work session like another night out; they are the new breed of career-aholics. It's ALL about bagging a promotion, right? Here are my top tips to getting to the top whilst enjoying a drink or two:

Never talk about money – too often it leads to salary comparisons and tears shed over your tequila. Far better left back at the office.

Don’t get too personal. Just because the drinks are flowing doesn’t mean your boss wants to hear about your ex-boyfriend hooking up with your (ex) best mate.

Think of three ‘key messages’ you want to try and get in during the evening. Whether it’s your commitment to being promoted or how much you enjoyed working on a certain project, sometimes casual comments on a Friday really hit home. But be subtle. Your boss is not working, you’re socialising together after work, and you’d be wise remembering that!

Stay classy. If your boss can put away six Jäger bombs doesn't mean that you have to. If you’re feeling a bit giddy, drink water, grab a bag of crisps and sober up ASAP. Often after work drinks mean no dinner, so watch your booze intake.

Now is definitely not the time to get with the cute barman! Come back next weekend. Never be tempted to pull in front of colleagues – you’ll always be ‘that girl’ rather than the hot prospect for promotion.

Leave early… ‘Oh, it’s that the time?!’ You do not want to be the last, drunken person standing. You came, you drank, you bonded, and now you’re leaving!

So those are my tips for drinking with the boss. Now, if only I took my own advice!

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin