Flirt to get what you want

15 November 2013

When we think of flirting, immediately packed bars full of single people looking for a date spring to mind. We think of flirting with those we fancy or for a bit of fun for an ego boost.

Flirting isn’t just about sexual desire though, if you get it right, you can flirt with almost anyone to get what you want.

Flirt with Your Boss

This may sound controversial, but whether you’re male or female flirting with your boss (regardless of their sex) can place you in a fortunate position. Don’t mistake this for angling for an office affair, it’s simply making someone feel good about themselves so they like having you around.

For instance, if you compliment your boss on work, outfits, sense of humour, decisions they’ve made, they’ll begin to associate you with feel good factors, they’ll feel you support them and they’ll be more inclined to favour you.

Flirt with Service Providers

You’ll find that if you smile wide and compliment shopkeepers, the postman, the dinner lady, your cleaner, the bus driver you’ll become a bright part of their day. Again sex doesn’t matter, you’re simply giving people a boost which in turn may see you receive a little special treatment for your efforts.

Flirt with the Unfriendly

We all have that one person in our lives that is either extremely shy or simply cold. Flirting ensures they open up. Pointing out a person’s positives and complimenting them on their personality or achievements is a sure fire way to break the ice allowing them to see you in a whole new light. Let’s face it, we’re all ego bound at the end of the day and anything that gives our ego a boost is bound to be embraced!

Flirt to Get Out of Trouble

There are very few people who won’t respond well to a bit of flattery. Everyone loves an ego boost so if you find yourself in hot water, try laying on the charm. Make sure you’re more friendly neighbour than Jessica rabbit though or they could see right through you. A good place to start is by saying, “you’re right” this normally throws the annoyed off guard!

There’s no limit to who you can flirt with to get what you want. It’s not false, it’s not playing games, you’re simply making people feel better by highlighting their best bits with a smile. It’s a win win situation for all!


Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin