Girls Eat Burgers Too!

19 November 2013

I'm a firm believer in equal burger rights. Fact. So since we in October launched our new menus in the Tiger Tiger restaurant, I have demolished every burger on offer!

When discussions were had about new menu content it was highlighted that it was very burger led and 'what about the ladies?', 'maybe we need something a little lighter'? Truth is, we eat burgers too! In fact I like to think of myself as a connoisseur, having been to Honest, Red Dog Saloon and sampled the ’Devastator’, Meat Liquor (both Brighton and London), Meat Market and of course ours as well.

There is nothing better than a huge burger – eaten with your hands, none of this knife and fork malarkey – with all the toppings! My personal favourite of the menu is the ‘Dirty Burger’. Named so because when you bite into it the warm beef chilli and melted cheese will drip everywhere. And I do, really, mean EVERYWHERE!

I like a salad, but once in a while a girl needs meat, and burgers are my ‘go to meat injection’. I’m a firm believer in equal rights and in this case burger rights! So if you’re of my mind set I highly recommend a Tiger Burger ladies (and then maybe back to the salad the day afterwards).

My top picks of Late Night London Burgers:

Tiger Tiger –Obviously the dirty burger, for those that don’t mind a bit of mess. If you fancy additional options outside of the Tigers why not try...

The Gable – Chargrilled chicken burger, a ‘healthier’ version for those that don’t want the mess! Or try... 

Sway – Blue Burger, blue cheese, meat, fried onions and mayo – perfect!

Enjoy and tweet us your thoughts @latenightlondon

The Editor

The Editors