Martini On The Rock

5 November 2013

We've got the message‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best friend’, 'Diamonds Are Forever', 'Diamonds In The Sky'. We get it ladies, you like them, but would you really want to drink them?

That's right folks. Thanks to some swanky pants-cocktail-hipster types over in NYC, you can now order cocktails 'on the rocks'. 

The Algonquin Hotel in New York is home to the £15,000 a pop ‘Martini On The Rock’. It’s basically a classic Manhattan with a whopping great diamond in it.

In the Late Night London office, we can’t decide on whether it is just one hell of a garnish or maybe just a massively irresponsible choking hazard?! Of course it’s mostly used for special occasions and proposals (obvs!). Equivalent concoctions seem to now be popping up all over the place. However London is late to the diamond drinking party. We believe this is because of the gargantuan risk assessment involved to sell it in UK. In other words, no British barman in his right mind could possibly justify the paperwork.

Diamonds aside, London is still one of the finest cocktail capitals of the globe. If you love cocktails why not get the certificate with a Late Night London Cocktail Masterclass. Book online today and get 25% off.

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Shake & stir responsibly! If you wanna rock up with a diamond or two to ad a bit of a sparkly garnish... Be our guest!