Next Level Cocktails

18 November 2013

Fruit Loops, peanut butter, wasabi ice cubes… There are no limits to cocktail creativity these days. And that makes us very happy.

It’s no secret our head bartenders like to play around with new concoctions every now and again, and the latest cocktails designed specifically for Foundation Bar are no exception. In fact, they’re probably the most creative/wacky/epic yet.

Here are three of our favourites:

Breakfast of Champions

With Fruit Loops, honey, blackberries and jam you could easily mistake this cocktail for Breakfast. A mixture of a staple morning cereal combined with some cheeky additions including Smirnoff Apple and Yoghurt Liquor, it’s ideal for those who go from bed to bar in a matter of hours. So why not start your evening with a ‘Breakfast of Champions’- the most important meal of the day.

Fortune Tea

This is no ordinary cuppa; this is a very special ‘Fortune Tea’ laced with Bombay sapphire Gin, peach, lemon and Earl Grey tea which has powers far greater than your average builder’s tea. This Pan-Asian cocktail is served in a mug to give the full effect of an English tea in a cocktail, whilst tasting like an exotic Far-Eastern dream. Accompanied with a French Fancy biscuit on the side, the question is, to dunk or not to dunk?

Big Peanuts

A bold cocktail comprising a generous helping of creamy peanut butter mixed with Baileys, Butterscotch Schnapps, and a hell of a lot of vodka chucked in for good measure. Served with a salty rim smeared with peanut butter, Big Peanuts is a great cocktail for any nutty peanut butter lover out there.

And a few more highlights (a picture indeed says more than a thousand words, right?):

Bubblegum Mojito, Kiwita, Blueberry & Chilli Mojito

To try one, make a reservation at Foundation Bar here.

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