Liquid calories? I think not

3 November 2013

Right, we’ve all heard the dreaded phrase ‘liquid calories’ referring to the fact that alcohol have a high amount of calories in them. Scary stuff, potentially…

But most of us tend to ignore this horrific fact- how can liquid be fattening right? Well if you like me, tend to skip the bit about alcohol in diets you’ll be pleased to hear we have some of the skinniest cocktails in town that are completely diet friendly- all under 200 calories. A great excuse to keep ignoring that dreaded phrase...

Watermelon Mojito, Jewel Piccadilly

At just 115 calories, the Watermelon Mojito is a refreshingly healthy cocktail. With fewer calories than a slim line G&T and enough watermelon for it to count as part of your 5 a day it’s the ultimate guilt-free alcoholic beverage. It’s a winner.

Size Zero, Foundation Bar

As you can guess from the name this cocktail is super skinny and contains less than 100 calories so there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty when drinking this baby. Finlandia vodka, muddled with fresh limes, cucumber, ginger and honey… yum! You can almost taste the low-fat healthiness.

Dry Martini, Bury Court

Shaken or stirred doesn’t matter but if you choose a vodka based Martini over a gin Martini you’ll save on calories. A Dry martini is the ultimate classic cocktail that packs a strong punch. After a couple of these you won’t need to consume anymore liquid calories for the rest of night.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin