It's The Drink Talking...

4 November 2013

Whether you’re a lager swigger or a cocktail sipper, have you ever considered what your drink says about you?

If you want to really send out the right message to your drinking partner, look to the drink in your hand. We see drinkers of all ages that are in our bars for all different reasons, but the values of behaviour-changing drinking stay the same. So what secrets do some of Brits’ most popular drinks tell?

Spirit and mixer – Whisky and vodka are your safe havens here. Classic spirits, to mix with either coke or lime and soda. Rum has beefed up its image with dark and spiced varieties so is also becoming a common choice. Choosing a spirit and mixer shows you’re a little more refined and are aware of coming across as a ‘lad’.

Pina Colada / Woo Woo / Anything with Baileys – Don't order like you're on a Caribbean Cruise... Plus, times have moved on. Ordering a jaded classic like this will probably make you the laughing stock. Tasty they may be, but they are the girly choice and will give off the impression you are behind the times.

Smirnoff Ice / WKD / Reef – Approach with caution. These bottled drinks only really have a place in a ‘3 for £5’ deal at a student night. By ordering an alcopop, you’re telling your companion that you lack culture and have low standards. You’re also evoking that ‘down it fresher!’ behaviour from uni. Meeehh, I say.

Wine – The sociable choice. Safe. Classy. Ordering this suggests a certain commitment to the meeting, whether it’s a date or a business session, you’re in for the long haul.

Mojitos and Martinis – Both classic cocktails, showing an appreciation of a good spirit and decent bartending. But ordering them straight up shows a lack of imagination. Always opt for flavoured variants. There are some amazing mixes out there. Go cheeky with a Dirty Martini if you’re dating, or a French if you want to come across as sophisticated.

Foreign lager – Careful kids. Although lager and beer is a safe choice, with a simple Becks or Heineken indicating you’re a laid-back guy who is taking this as it comes. The difficulty comes when you stray into those trendy, artisan foreign lagers. The danger being that although amazing to drink the ABV seems to rocket and they serve them in half measures on the continent. A rule we Brit's seem to refuse. Making your normal pint way more potent.

Make mine a large one. You rave safe now!