Spin Your Head right round

30 October 2013

They spin you right round. The latest trend in London is disguised DJ booths, providing revellers with the perfect backdrop for impromptu drunken photos...

London, some would say, is the party capital of the world. Not only is it home to some of the best clubs and cocktails in the world, but many of the bars themselves are works of art. We have them on rooftops, in cellars and through secret doors.
However the latest trend in London bars is disguised DJ booths, providing revellers with the perfect backdrop for impromptu drunken photo shoots on a night out and of course for creating the top tunes allowing you to boogie the night away.

From red telephone boxes to booths disguises as vintage book cases, here is our pick of the quirkiest DJ booths to be found in London town for a great night out.

The Gable
Exuding quintessential British quirkiness, this London bar is popular with regulars and newcomers alike.
Upstairs, you will find a warm and homely bar, with vintage tea plates adorning the walls and ornate furniture, offering something different from your run-of-the mill city bar. However the downstairs space of the bar, The Cellar, takes on a different vibe altogether. Featuring an eye catching DJ booth constructed from red telephone boxes, The Cellar is the perfect venue to head to when after work drinks elevate to an after work dancing session!

Bar Soho
Situated in the heart of Soho, this already popular venue recently underwent a refurbishment, making the central location just one of the things going for this lively London bar. Famed for its disco tunes, and wild party atmosphere, this is a bar you will want to tell your friends about.  
With quirky décor, distinct spaces, booths and an epic Pornstar Martini sharer cocktail, the bar’s DJ booth is hidden behind a bookshelf in the upstairs gentleman’s lodge.

Jewel Piccadilly
An honourable mention goes to Jewel Piccadilly where the décor focus is more on the entertainment factor - with a gilded cage for the dancers and performers. Jewel is the ideal place to swing by for a cheeky cocktail or two after work or post-Oxford St shopping!

Sam Chedzoy