10 Hen Party Fears

24 April 2014

A hen party should be one that the bride-to-be never forgets. But it should be unforgettable for all the right reasons! Planning a hen party? Or are you the blushing bride? Take note...

Number One – Drunken Mum Alert


You know what it’s like when your mum’s had a few too many wines and suddenly she thinks she is in her teens again. Well, throw into the mix the attention she is getting as Mother of The Bride, the pressure to share all your stories and, worst of all, the ‘her little girl is getting married’ emotional tears. This is a recipe for disaster so make sure you designate a bridesmaid to be on ‘mummy duty’ and make sure she alternates wine and water all night. ALL NIGHT!

Number Two – Sex Stories

You’re sat having an enjoyable meal and as always when you’re with your girlfriends the topic turns to sex. They will no doubt ask personal questions to embarrass you or even worse, recall stories you told them in utter secrecy. You laugh, but then quickly realise your mother in law is there… Riiiight there in front of you with a look of horror on her face as she realises her precious little boy is about to marry a serial streaker… You then, naturally, drink more wine and get naked again for one last time.

Number Three – Penis’s (what’s the plural of this?)


Stags don’t walk around with lady parts strapped to them, but for some unknown reason hens love a penis shaped, well, anything. Straws, games, cakes, clothes, wands, t-shirts... You name it. I’m getting married for heaven’s sake; I hardly want the one I’m marrying near me let alone a series of plastic ones? When it comes to hen based penis – JUST SAY NO!

Number Four – Strippers


This is like marmite, either you will love it or hate it. Personally? Well, I’m on the hate side. In your mind a stripper is hot hot hot, but in reality they’re not not not. I think the scene from Friends with Danny DeVito sums it up perfectly for me, although this could be the perfect opportunity to get your mother in law involved so you have some ammunition should she ever want to recall your sex stories…

Of course if you’re on the love side, Strawberry Moons offers a body for the bride service for just £150 or why not try Zoo bar who offer several options starting from just £100. #stripperbargain

Number Five – Fight! Fight! Fight!

Aw, don’t we wish we all got along? Reality check ladies! Somewhere in the vast amount of family members and friends, you’re bound to have at least two people that do not see eye to eye. Throw into the mix A LOT of booze and it could be a fiery fusion. I can’t think of anything worse than spending my hen night trying to keep others from fighting. My tip... just don’t invite them. Simples!

Number Six – Same Ol’, Same Ol’

napoleon dynamite dancing gif Imgur

Your hen night should be SPECIAL. Nothing worse than doing the same thing you do on every other night out. Individuality is important and I love our cocktail masterclass for something a little different. We offer them in Grace, Strawberry Moons, Jewel Piccadilly and Foundation and they are heaps of fun (no, I’m NOT biased, they are!). Making your own cocktails for a couple of hours while the cute bar man flirts with you? Being responsible for your own measures? Umm, what’s not to love?

Number Seven – What’s Happening?

You love your maid of honour and your bridesmaids, you’ve known them since you were playing with care bears (the first time they were out) but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best party planners. This is your last weekend of freedom you want action packed, non-stop fun and frolics. It’s ok to get some party professionals involved! At Late Night London my team can organise everything from start to finish ensuring all stress and worry is relived from your bridal party’s shoulders. My hens – PLEASE take note!

Number Eight – No Friends Fear

What if everyone’s busy?  I’ve left it too late to confirm details? No one can afford it? It’s only natural to get a bit paranoid about these things. I have 18 lovely ladies on my hen do, but even if it was just me and my mum I’d be happy… Friends or no friends, get drunk and have a good time!

Number Nine – Boys vs. Girls

You have your hen do, he has his stag do – yours HAS TO be the best. Not that you’re competitive, obviously, but we all know girls are better at organised fun. If he is doing an activity, you’re doing it VIP style. If he has got club entrance, you’ve got it with shots on arrival. Make sure this last big night is one that goes down in history!

Number Ten – You Change Your Mind


After enjoying your last night of freedom, the worst fear of all is that you realise you enjoyed it a little too much and miss those single days and want them back... Oh well, you may lose the venue deposit, but who can put a price tag on a truly epic night out? Of course I won’t, but I’m sure it’s something some people may fear… Maybe?!

The Editor

The Editors

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