Chocolate Box Cocktails

16 April 2014

This Easter, we bring you the ultimate in chocolate cocktails. Our famous Crème Egg Mojito is joined by the Chocberry Martini and the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Martini as a treat for all the senses...

Crème Egg Mojito – Exclusively at Jewel Piccadilly

Weighing in at a whopping 1,000 calories (kid you not), the Crème Egg Mojito is the drink du jour this Easter for chocoholics. And are we not all chocoholics!? 

To revel in the privileges of being an independent adult who can drink egg-actly whatever the hell you want, head straight to Jewel Piccadilly to prop up the bar with a couple of these. You can read more about this egg-travagant cocktail, including how to make one youself, right here.

Chocberry Martini – Available at The Gable, The Sterling and The Gallery 

Coming in a close second but with a slightly tarter flavour for those who prefer something a little less sweet, The Chocoberry Martini is an extraordinary fruity chocolate concoction with oodles of vodka. Imagine a fruit and nut bar seamlessly laced with alcohol and you are half way to understanding the power of the Chocoberry.

Combining raspberries and chocolate to create that effortless sweet-but-tart mix the only problem is stopping yourself from consuming the whole bar – definitely a creation to break lent for if ever there was one. Luckily our bar managers have promised us that they have plenty of Crème de Cacao in stock so you can enjoy with impunity throughout the Easter Weekend.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Martini – Exclusive to Core & Foundation 

Last in the collection, but far from least, is the bountiful Terry’s Chocolate Orange Martini, a rich blend of exquisite orange chocolate and Vodka that perfectly places you somewhere between drinks and dessert with every sip. The ideal balance of sweet and zesty this little number somehow avoids being sickly, excellent news as you know one would never be enough. 

Foundation Bar is the destination for this beauty, just one more excuse to spend a little time underground this Bank Holiday in the company of cocktails. 

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin