Meeting Idris Elba

29 April 2014

Following on from his sold out Stylish Nights Xmas Party, “Mandela” star Idris Elba returns for another exclusive appearance at London’s hottest event, Stylish Nights Summer Party at Sway on Sunday 4th May 2014. We met up with him...

In addition to his acting work, Idris has long been a DJ and musician collaborating on tracks and music videos for the likes of Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and Mumford & Sons. What's more, he's currently taking the club scene by storm as one of UK’S most in demand DJ’s recently confirming his slot at Glastonbury 2014.

Late Night London met up with Idris who told us how he got started and got his DJ pseudonym “7 Wallace”.

Is it true that you first got behind the decks as a teenager for weddings with your uncle?
Yeah, big African weddings, lots of Calypso and African music, the electric slide. I get asked all the time, "Mr. Elba, can you come DJ at my wedding?" [Laughs.] DJing was the way I really made my money as a young actor, even when I got to go to the States. I brought my records because I couldn't afford to just sit around waiting for auditions all day.

Do you DJ under your name or a different D.J. name?
I don’t D.J. under Idris Elba. I D.J. under 7 Wallace or Driis. Someone said my D.J. name was Dris the Londoner, which isn't true.

What does 7 Wallace mean?
It’s an address that I lived at during the first season of Luther. It was a party house, everyone was like, "We’re going to 7 Wallace tonight." It just stuck as a D.J. name.

Were you throwing all-night ragers?
Well, it was basically I had all my mates — here we are in this big old house. "Let’s have a drink." That’s how it became. Then every other weekend, basically the turntables were out. We even had a Luther wrap party at 7 Wallace.

Joining Idris will be a selection of his closest friends and London’s finest, with celebrity guests including ex-Eastenders star Chucky Venn and many more.

Date: Sunday 4th May
Event: Stylish Nights
Venue: Sway, 61-65 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5BZ
Tickets: £20 Available here
More Info: 07956 407181