Cocktails & dresses: the Kate Moss way

28 April 2014

I think most people would love to grab a cocktail or five with Kate Moss. You just KNOW she'd be fun, right?

The word 'fashion icon' is bandied about far too much these days but Kate truly is an iconic powerhouse of a woman.

Much more than just a supermodel, Kate is basically the poster girl for all things brilliant about British fashion. And, after a far too long hiatus, she's about to release her latest collection for Topshop. TOMORROW NIGHT! Praise be!

But before we move on to cocktail dresses, let's stick with cocktails for a second. Kate's cocktail of choice is the 'French 76'. Not familiar with this creation from the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz in Paris? Well the good news is that it's easy enough to replicate and definitely a party starter. 

To create the Mossy must-have, shake two shots of your finest vodka with a teaspoon of sugar, a shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice and ice. Then strain into a Martini glass and top up with Champagne. To garnish? A twist of lemon. Very sassy.

Kate loves the 'French 76' so much that the Ritz Paris team were appointed to serve it at her wedding, renamed as the 'Kate 76' though - natch. 

But what should you be wearing whilst sipping like a supermodel? 

These are some of my fave pieces from the latest Kate Moss for Topshop Collection...

1. Beaded Dress - £250

2. Feather Detail Dress - £130 

3. Lamé Dress - £295

4. Fringe Dress - £95

It's not just cocktail dresses on offer, there's plenty of 'festival chic' pieces for general boho babeness too...

5. Paisley Jacket - £120

6. Embroidered Dress - £75

7. Black Dress - £150

8. Leather Jacket - £190

9. Woven Gilet - £250

Oh and there's silk tailored PJs too for laidback lovelies...

10. Pyjamas - £105

The Kate Moss for Topshop Collection launches at the Oxford Circus flagship at 6pm tomorrow and will be available online at from 6pm too. Worried you'll forget?! Get emailed as soon as it's available by signing up to Topshop Style Notes. This time around you can nab your fave pieces from the collection on net-a-porter too.

Here's hoping we actually managed to get a piece before it all sells out and ends up on eBay for three times the RRP. But hey, if it does we can always have a French 76 to commiserate.


Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey