On Repeat

25 April 2014

Late Night London muso, Tania von Pear, lists the best songs to get you ready for the weekend. Get these tunes on repeat. Now. Just sayin'. #FridayFloorFillers

Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy (Explicit)

Possibly the coolest girls in pop team up to deliver a slam dunk tune. Iggy just gets better and better. The fashion, her attitude and that bum….

Add in the talents of Charli XCX who exploded onto the scene with last summer’s anthem “I Luv It” and top it off with a superb video reminiscent of Britney’s “Hit Me Baby…” versus Clueless. Hit!

Sam Smith “Stay With Me” (Shy FX rmx)

Sam Smith is just unstoppable. That super soulful voice has graced the uber hot production talents of Disclosure and then Naughty Boy and is now finding success of both sides of the Atlantic with his debut artist album “In the Lonely Hour”. I love this genius remix from Shy FX, he has totally funked up a gossip tune with reggae trumpets plus you can’t beat a bit of DnB on a Friday afternoon! #handsintheair

Outkast “Hey Ya” 

Call me jaded but all the recent reunions aka “I’ve got no cash left because I have spunked it all on limo’s and trips to Vegas” of bands has left me feeling a bit short changed. But there’s one band that felt like unfinished business when they disbanded 7 years ago. So in celebration of their recent reunion and show stopping set at Coachella, here’s a classic OutKast track to get you in the weekend mood.