I’ve Been Loving You

30 April 2014

Soho is one of those places of international fascination and awe. One of those illustrious citadels that rightly rivals New York, Paris and Berlin for attitude and atmosphere. One of those iconic destinations that many call home...

...though few mean it literally. Offering the kind of escapism that touches your soul and changes you in ways that cannot always be seen, blessing all who roam with imagination and strength.

While we try to wait patiently for the return of Soho’s heart the mood to reflect on just what makes our beloved Soho so special has firmly struck us. Perhaps it was last week’s nostalgic reminiscing of all the good times we have shared with the old girl and her infamous guests that set us off, or simply the dappled spring light that now falls across Old Compton Street of an evening, but we cannot help but tip a hat to what makes our insatiable four streets a community of zeal and life.

When so much of London is trapped in grey you can always rely on the vivid purple of Soho to see you home. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the sumptuous beast that is London pales into insignificance when held up to the soul of Soho. It is perhaps unsurprising considering the very word, Soho, originates from a battle cry – and so indeed to battle fellow warriors.

It is our understanding that the impoverished intellectual glitterati first found their home somewhere between Soho Street and Romilly in the mid-20th Century, naturally they stuck around to enjoy the food, fun and festivities that cannot be rivalled across London. Think of Soho Soho, Berwick Market, Raymond’s Revue and of course our beautifully doomed Sex Alley - what’s not to love? This community of ours, full of energy and desperate to erupt at any time, always ready for a party whatever the terms – even when our mistress is resting before the next show we can always find something to amuse us.

That said, we still feel strongly that Soho is missing something at the moment…


Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin