The Pros & Cons of a Tube strike

29 April 2014

Here we go again London... ANOTHER tube strike. Pros? Yeah pros like me who got a seat this morning.

The glass is half empty:

1. The busses are TOO BUSY to use

I'll just get the 55 from the City to the West End instead... OH NO WAIT! Bring on the old de-commissioned route-masters to assist and suddenly we are re-enacting the battle of Hastings.

2. The smug people who use the Overground are unaffected

"I got a seat - this barely even changed my journey". Ahem. DIE?

3. This won't be the last

“This is totes hilarious – we should do it again next week”. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all went on strike every 3 months because we got a bit annoyed at our bosses? (*have started to write my own strike plan*)

4. Other cities don't encounter this

In New York the subway runs 24 hours. In London they barely run when it rains. Our system is bigger and better and you think they would take it more seriously. Starting with less strikes please.

5. My boss doesn't care - I still have to be in on time

Just because she lives with her husband in Surrey and takes one simple train to Charing Cross and never gets the tube, she thinks we are all the same. Well I am sorry – it’s NOT so quick walking from Hackney to Piccadilly. So what if I stop at about 5 Pret’s along the way to kill extra time... That's not the point!

The glass is half full:

1. People are avoiding tubes altogether but lots are still running

Anyone get on the Victoria line this morning? It was a dream. And none of those pesky tourists with suitcases either.

2. BoJo takes to the streets 

There’s nothing funnier than seeing Boris on the news the evening of a strike as he tries to appease Londoners and making a complete arse of himself. “Wiffle waffle, we must stand strong”.

3. "Boss, I think I should leave early otherwise it will take me hours"

This one is a no-brainer. If enough of you in the office get on the same band waggon then it’s basically your own strike from 4 o’clock onwards. Of course getting home at 5pm does mean you will be twiddling your thumbs the moment you walk through the door but who cares?

4. The Internet reaction and exaggeration of Londoners is hilarious

Buzzfeed/Twitter/Instagram – the internet becomes a platform for outright exaggeration and tall tales. The rapid spreading of newly created Me-Me’s & gifs really helps the day go quicker.

5. You have an excuse to go to the pub after work on a Tuesday

“Hi Babe, it’s me. Yeah I think I might have to hang around at work for a bit longer to avoid the crush on the busses” … Two more Strongbows please love!

Sam Chedzoy