Why Our 20s Are For Having Fun

2 April 2014

If you’re a girl and in your late 20s, you cannot go on Facebook without the constant reminder you're ‘THAT’ age. Your old classmates post pics of their engagement rings or of their babies dribbling food with a caption, ‘Aw Bubba feeding himself!’

It may well be because I am in my late 20’s, and I literally cannot tell someone that I am single without getting the ‘Aww, you’re single, what’s wrong with you?’ look (you know the look, right...)

...but it seems like there’s suddenly a mad rush to have babies and shack up with the next guy that comes along, when in reality your 20s (yes, late 20s included) are for going out and having a good (read: fantastic) time. We no longer live in a post-war society where you marry at 17 and have kids by the time you’re 20 and then grow old together. It just doesn’t work like that anymore nor should it. 

For a modern 20-something-person, there are endless life options. Too many options to settle for a mediocre relationship because it is ‘the right time’ or because ‘everyone else is doing it’. Travelling, dream career, non-stop partying, you name it. All within reason of course, but imagine settling down at the ripe old age of 20 because you feel rushed to do so and missing out on A LOT of fun? Horriblis.


Your 20s should be full of irresponsible decisions. It’s a decade full of life-long learning curves, which are there to teach you a lesson ready for your 30s. How else are you meant to learn that downing those five tequila shots last night would not be your finest move the next day? Or drinking on a ‘school night’ will result in you still turning up for work *still very drunk* and staring at your computer screen all day silently thinking you’re dying inside? Or knowing the guys that are really, really not the ones for you?

We have all the time in the world to meet ‘the one’ and settle down. And when we do, it should be the right person. There’s no massive rush in life to shack up with the nearest human being just because your old mates Joan, Liz & Sally have.

You should have an amazing, wild time living through your 20s. Go out on the school nights. Book that round-the-world trip you’ve been so desperate to go on and have been saving for since you were working part-time in your local supermarket. Go on a crazy holiday with your mates and spend the majority of the time sleeping in the day. Meet loads of wonderful, wonderful people on your voyage to finding ‘the one’ and most importantly, have a fabulous time doing all of the above!

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Don’t make comparisons to Joan, Liz & Sally because external appearances can be deceitful. At the end of *one* day, you WILL have the husband and the children and the Volvo and the mortgage. But you will ALSO have a whole lot of experiences.

So don’t stress and embrace your 20s for what they are. And most importantly, embrace them to their fullest. It’s your prerogative in 2014 xx

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin