5 Christmas Party Myths

20 August 2014

It is never too early to start planning the biggest event of the year. So, in that spirit, we take a look at 5 Christmas party myths…

1. It's too early to start looking

For us in the corporate team there are two extremes of Christmas clients; those who call up the day after their party to rebook for next year and those who call up in November to find out the venue they had their eye on is fully booked on all of their preferred dates.

As the corporate Christmas industry grows year on year we're seeing more event bookers wising up. Those who missed out on their first choice are now booking as early as January.

If that's too much of a scary thought for now at least think back to when it was you lost that date or venue, minus a month to stand a chance, another to keep up with this year's pace and there you have the date when you should be dropping us a line. So what's that...February?

2. A theme is tacky

From Winter Wonderland and James Bond to the more wacky and wonderful crazy scientists, we've hosted all sorts of themed Christmas parties in our venues.

Any clients with reservations about going with a theme need not worry. An easy ice breaker, you'll be surprised what a difference a few props can make. What ever the age group or profession, a garland from Kanaloa, a surgical mask from ?Dispensary? Or a party with our disco skaters at Groovy Wonderland will have each of your guests smiling for the camera.

3. The organiser is too busy to enjoy the party

Before your party we go through exactly how you want your event to run so that everyone at the venue is clear on your needs and you're able to let your hair down. You deserve it!

4. You'll get a better deal if you book last minute

Remember those guys we spoke about at number one? The early bookers? Well on top of securing their perfect venue on the perfect date they often also end up with a better deal. Book before August and mabye we can throw something in, book in October and we'll hardly have any space left to offer you.

5. It's ok not to have crackers!

Everyone loves crackers. Even the biggest scrooge of your party won't be able to resist putting on a paper hat and smirking at the jokes. Basically Christmas isn't Christmas without them and you can even get classy crackers now so there's no excuses!