What We're Drinking Now

14 August 2014

We like to think of ourselves as innovators in our field, and certainly bringing you the hottest cocktails on the block and making you happy Londoners is at the top of our priority list. With that in mind...

...we have been taking a little perusal around the globe to establish just what is going to be the HOT drink of the Autumn and how best to bring it to you. Here are the top five trends that we are reckoning you will be seeing a fair amount of this season!!


Yes, you did read that correctly – we don’t mean ravaged (as in what one might look like after a few too many foraged cocktails) – we really did mean foraged. There is a serious trend sweeping the West Coast that is all about foraged ingredients and we are talking the whole hog - berries, leaves, roots you name it. With a real turn towards natural ingredients and locally sourced produce this season is definitely going to herald the arrival of the foraged menu – anyone for a Grass and Tonic?


With all things childish the height of fashion these days there is no doubt that we are going to be seeing more and more frivolity in our cocktails as the months get colder once more. The frivolous menu with Jelly Beans, Fruit Loops and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges available at CORE is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bringing the childish back to our more adult pursuits. All we can say is just you wait and see what we have up our glass for Halloween.


As much as a childish, playful and fun aspect has really surged recently in terms of drinking, shopping, fashion and recreation we are also seeing a notable rise in the simplistic. We are talking the finest spirits mixed with one or two pure ingredients to create the finest of high-end, luxury cocktail experiences. If there is one thing that is certain those unidentifiable substances that come out of squeezy mayonnaise bottles in luminous colours and pretend to have met a fruit one time are now long gone. Good thing our new bar Forge is so ahead of the times!


If there is one thing we love in London it is something exclusive, a private members club, a restaurant you can’t get reservations at, a secret garden party/brunch. With this in mind the bar scene is rising to the challenge in terms of the offering unique cocktails just for your palette. At Forge you can order off the menu with impunity or simply throw down your preferences and wait for something yummy to pop back up. Fabulous. 

Well, it seems like drinking this winter is well taken care of, in fact we most certainly have it in hand. Anyone for a free bottle of Veuve whilst we say goodbye to the last of the summer sun?

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