Early vs Late 20s: The Differences

6 August 2014

A few years can change everything. The person that you are in your early 20’s, so sure of everything with all the answers and nothing but positivity, is so radically different from the person that you are as you ebb towards your 30’s.

Isn’t it funny how our attitude shifts about things we never thought it would… Here are the 25 differences I've experienced:

1. Drinking on a school night

Early 20s: Oh yes we do!
Late 20s: Oh why did we?

2. Wine

Early 20s: Cheap is awesome – let’s get wasted!
Late 20s: Cheap Tesco wine? Let’s not.

3. Nights Out

Early 20s: Three days a week minimum babe. 
Late 20s: Still love a good night out. But what do I love more? My bed.

4. Hangovers

Early 20s: I feel no pain, I am exuberant and my body bounces back from everything.
Late 20s: The jackhammer in my head must stop, immediately. Mercy I say.

5. Dating

Early 20s: So many men, so little time. Next.
Late 20s: So much time, so few men. Where is he?

6. The other sex

Early 20s: Boys are complicated.
Late 20s: Men are complicated.

7. Romantic Comedies

Early 20s: I cannot wait for my own Noah & my happily ever after that will be *just* as epic as The Notebook!
Late 20s: This is bullshit.

8. Metabolism

Early 20s: Um, metabo-what?
Late 20s: Fuck you, metabolism.

9. Work

Early 20s: Work to live.
Late 20s: Live to work.

10. Cleaning

Early 20s: Well I suppose I could.
Late 20s: Why is everyone so messy and no one cleans up after themselves?

11. Cooking

Early 20s: Why bother.
Late 20s: Because I have to - my metabolism and new savings account can’t take it no more.

12. Exercise

Early 20s: I dance, therefore I exercise.
Late 20s: I work out five times a week, I sweat, I pay and yet nothing.

13. Money

Early 20s: What I have I’ll spend. And when it’s all gone, then we call the parent-bank.
Late 20s: Oh well, I'll just call NatWest and apply for another credit card then...

14. Sleeping

Early 20s: Who needs sleep?
Late 20s: Must sleep 8 hours otherwise I do not function. Literally, do not function.

15. Planning

Early 20s: 'I think I’ll go to Barcelona tomorrow.'
Late 20s: February: Maybe I should book my flights for Christmas now.

16. People who are 30

Early 20s: Old, old, old.
Late 20s: Young. So very young.

17. Other people’s opinions

Early 20s: It is very important that everyone enjoys, understands and LIKES me.
Late 20s: Couldn’t give two flying f**ks what people think of me.

18. Parents

Early 20s: Wrong about everything.
Late 20s: Right about pretty much everything, oh life.

19. Shopping

Early 20s: 'I know I don’t need it, but I love it so I’ll buy it!' 
Late 20s: ‘I love it, but do I need it?’ I probably don’t buy it.

20. Friends

Early 20s: Quantity.
Late 20s: Quality.

21. Weekends

Early 20s: PAAAARTY!!!
Late 20s: Rest, wine, maybe a night out, rest, cafes, brunch, rest, buy flowers and rest.

22. TV shows

Early 20s: My life.
Late 20s: Still my life, thank god they keep getting better but when are they making the next Clueless (nostalgic much).

23. Accommodation

Early 20s: I just need a sofa to crash on.
Late 20s: I want a proper home with towel sets, matching wine/water glasses and seasonal linens.

24. A visit to the hairdresser

Early 20s: 'Do something fun, I trust you!'
Late 20s: 'I really don't trust you... I want it EXACTLY like this.'

25. Staying in

Early 20s: 'No, no, no! I'd miss out on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!'
Late 20s: 'You wanna stay in too? Oh thank God.'

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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