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29 August 2014

The bad news is that the weather has officially turned bad and it appears that autumn has dawned a little earlier than anyone would have anticipated. The exceptionally good news is that it is Pay Week, whoop, whoop, whoop.

Ok maybe overexcited but it has been a long summer and an injection of cash is well overdue). To celebrate Pay Week and commiserate the miserable weather that will now be our reality for the next nine months we have thrown together some serious party fun for your delectation. Our top five activities for this pay week are:

1. Pirate Pop-Up at Jewel, St Pauls
Who doesn’t love a pirate? Frankly we can’t think of anyone, especially attractive ones who hang out in the Caribbean pretending to be drunk and kissing Governor’s daughters (we digress). Well, if you fancy a ride on the high seas this pay week then head straight to Jewel St Pauls and revel in their Piratey Pop-Up complete with fabulous Rum cocktails of all varieties, themed food (think salty dogs and scurvy skewers) and pirates to tend your bar throughout the weekend. Marvellous. 

2. Venetian Masquerade Ball at Jewel, Piccadilly
Doesn’t that sound fancy and who doesn’t enjoy something a little fancy when it is time to spend that hard earned cash? Light up Jewel Piccadilly this Friday for some serious masquerading fun as you sip on festival cocktails and themed nibbles. Why not throw on a mask and see if you meet a handsome stranger whilst you are at it? 

3. Great British Garden Party at Gem Bar
The summer may have gone behind the clouds but Gem bar is doing its absolute best to resurrect it this pay weekend with a fabulously decorated Garden, refreshing summer cocktails of the highest order and yummy bbq treats. There is just something so wonderful about an indoor, outdoor garden especially when the autumn has ruined all of our bank holiday fun. 

4. Summer Wonderland at The Last
If you have felt the lack of Alice and Wonderland recently then there is only one place to go this pay weekend – The Last. That is not Lost its Last. Enjoy themed bottles that request the classics, ‘drink me’, ‘eat me’, ‘squeeze me’ – wait that last one might not be right but you get the general picture. They are also offering summery jam tartlets and mini sandwiches for your delectation, how civilised.  

5. DJ MarK Storie at CORE Bar
Say goodbye to August in serious style at CORE bar this Friday as Tool Room Records DJ Mark Storie takes to the decks until the wee hours giving you no excuse but to party hard and along. Join the fun and revel in the flowing cocktails and craft beers for a serious start to the weekend.

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