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22 December 2014

...Christmas cocktail. I used to think it was because I write so much about Christmas that I never quite feel 'Christmassy' at the right time of year, but actually I think it's just a sign of being an adult.

We have a glimmer of "oooooh can't wait til Christmas" when the clocks go back, then there's the inevitable "ooooh X Factor live shows! It must be nearly Christmas!" excitement, then the ads start and the Coca-Cola truck rolls in but then it's mostly just....I don't know....stress?

Maybe it's because it's not actually that cold or maybe it's because I've been so woefully unorganised this year but when people tell me there's only seven days left til Christmas there's only one thing I want -  A DRINK.

Earlier this week I found myself trying to buy Christmas presents on Oxford Street at 5pm. I don't know why I'd put myself through such torture, but as I battled past fellow basket-wielding-maniacs in overheated shops to the tune of Slade on repeat, I realised I needed to escape and escape quickly.

Clutching the few presents I'd managed to procure, I felt like I deserved a present myself for my Oxford Street endeavours and so I headed to Piccadilly and my natural haven - Jewel. Jewel is the ideal place of refuge, bang on Piccadilly Circus it couldn't be more conveniently located for people like me who often need to escape the madness of central London for 'just one drink'. Somewhat embarrassingly, the exact same thing had happened to me the night's just too easy to slip in there for a drink or five.

But whilst on Monday night I opted for mojitos in point blank refusal that Christmas is five minutes away, on Tuesday I went all in for Christmas cocktails.

It's what Santa would have wanted.

I tried everything on the menu (for research purposes) and the Spiced Appletini won my "BEST CHRISTMAS DRINK EVER" award - a blend of Smirnoff Apple, Disaronno, fresh chilli, honey and lime juice is evidently pretty hard to beat.

The North Star was worth a repeated order too, with Absolut Berri Acai and crème de cassis making friends with pomegranate juice, bitters and Prosecco. Mmmmmmm.

Or was it the Christmas Rockin' Robin that really tickled my fancy? Absolut Raspberri and crème de mure shaken with cranberry and lime juices and redcurrant jam syrup?! 

You could wake yourself up (necessary after bloody Oxford Street) with an Espresso and Gingerbread Martini or the elfish among you may prefer the Candy Cane Martini with it's minty milky loveliness.

All in all, it was a very good way of momentarily forgetting the horrors of Christmas to-do-lists and remembering that these last few days of after work festivities should indeed be dedicated to drinking and catching up with friends. 

We don't have many nights out left in 2014, I'd hate to think I spent mine shopping with twenty billion other Londoners when I could have been sampling Christmas cocktails. 

For the rest of my presents I'm going to stick to online shopping and just fork out for next day delivery. 

It's what Santa would have wanted.

Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey

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