The 5 single things

12 February 2014

Two days to go. Here are the 5 things only single people can legitimately do on Valentine’s Day...

Avoid any type of Social Media the morning and evening of Valentine’s Day

I think we all know what we mean here. The gushing ‘I am so in love. My man bought me these roses. Therefore my life is better than yours….’ Oh if only they knew how much we vom at these posts. I mean really. Who cares? Instead pop down to a local breakfast place, a business type location and enjoy the peace of the bustling people.

Call your best friend

If there’s one person that’s going to make you feel loved when things are dry on the relationship front it’s your best friend. Even if attached your best friend will make you feel heaps better if you are feeling a little left out. Of course if they are also fabulously single this phone call can lead in two directions: pizza or the bar – we fully support both, if not one after the other.

Stalk holiday locations

There is more to life than who is buying you roses and chocolates and sometimes we forget this. Why not head to Malaysia where they have actually banned Valentine’s Day! Single and ready to mingle avec tan, perfect.

Have a business POW WOW

There is nothing more appealing to us than someone who owns their career and doesn’t rely on their partner for funds. Hold a business meeting on Valentine’s Day so you will be so filled with career thoughts and success that the date will simply be the 14th day of the 2nd month. Better yet bring home a big win and enjoy the discounted champs brought out especially for the lovers to celebrate.

Have a messy night knowing you don’t have to answer to anyone

This is my favourite thing on the list. How amazing is it that it’s Friday and you have the whole weekend to do you. Some of the best nights out there are to be had at some Anti Valentine’s bashes! A fantastic excuse to have one hell of a night and live that single dream, because nobody knows how to party like a singleton! Abbey is our choice for a little Anti-Vday fun, stop us if you dare.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin