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Cocktail Trends: What's Coming...

5 February 2014

We’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in the cocktail world, so we’ve taken a look across the pond - NYC to be exact - to see what alcoholic delights could soon be landing on our shores.

Cosmopolitan, stalwart of Sex and The City, was the noughties. Now we say hello salty caramel sensations, vegetable filled delights and beer-tinged cocktails. Oh, how times have changed!


Pouring a can of Fosters in your cocktail shaker is not something we’ve thought to do before, but this is the latest cocktail trend that is proving a big hit in the US – making the feminine masculine perhaps. A Corona and a lime goes hand-in-hand so why not take it one step further and go Corona-Margarita? A fantastically fruity idea, we like it.

Krazy Kale 

Everyone loves a superfood and 2014 is all about kale: which is basically a lettuce crossed with spinach. It doesn’t sound too appetizing, granted, but it’s actually pretty tasty. Put it in a cocktail and you basically have a super food smoothie plus alcohol, so it can really do no wrong. It’s a cocktail any health fanatic should welcome with open arms. Stay tuned!

Ice no more

Fresh off the press: a cold drink is not a cool drink (pun intended). That’s right, as we head into 2014 we’re going to be ditching the ice because this supposedly waters down the subtle and unique flavours of the fruit and alcohol. With a less chilled drink you get a more full-bodied and sophisticated flavour. Think this one is going to take a bit of getting used to, but if it’s trendy then hey…

Salty caramel

Salt surprisingly compliments sugar no end and when you take a bite of salty caramel it’s basically a bittersweet symphony in your mouth. This devilish duo has taken the States by storm and is now used in practically everything including cocktails! We’ve devised our own salty caramel dream in partnership with Divine for Valentine’s Day. It’s called Deliciously Divine and is available at Foundation in February #seductive.

Ballin’ beetroot

Believe it or not, beetroot has been considered an aphrodisiac since the Roman times and there are many other health benefits of beetroot you may not know about: helping fatigue, stabilising blood sugar levels, and being full of antioxidants to name a few. Adding it to cocktails therefore was a no-brainer for NYC. If you fancy trying out this latest trend you can head a bit nearer to home, we currently offer a Beetroot & Apple Collins down at The Gable.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin