Something for the weekend

21 February 2014

I'll straight up admit that now is an awkward time to hit the shops. It's that difficult 'transitional period'...

...where the stores want to flog us bikinis whilst we're still barely managing our commute without gloves.

Are we still in black? Or are we wearing pastels? Are we baring leg? Or wearing leggings under our trousers, thank you very much?

Luckily I've managed to sift through the current high street offering to find you the below bits and pieces. Ya know, just in case you're like me and think a night out always deserves a new dress. 

Happy shopping...and happy weekend!


1. Sequin Maxi by Dorothy Perkins - £85


Let's start with a real show-stopper. This floor length wowzer demands attention and is the PERFECT gown if you're out for a celebration. I'd wear it for my birthday, but I'd probably wear it to Sainsbury's too...just because.

Buy it here.

2. Jumper by Sister by Sibling - £295

Inspired by Pharrell and would like to pay sartorial tribute without investing in that bonkers hat? Be happy in this gorgeous knit instead.

Buy it here.

3. Jumper by Topshop - £45


Sticking with the fun jumper theme but at a slightly more agreeable price, this jumper makes us happy even if it doesn't say the word explicitly. Ice cream equals happiness after all, right?

Buy it here.

4. Skirt by French Connection - £95

Do the long skirt thing AND the short skirt thing with this peekaboo number.

Buy it here.

5. Jacquard Dress by Miss Selfridge - £55


If you like pink, you will like EVERYTHING that's just arrived at Miss Selfridge. This dress is a particular favourite of mine thanks to its girly 60s vibez and awesome deep V back. 

Buy it here.

6. Box Bag by Warehouse - £26


You can't overstuff this bag, but it's so chic that it's worth compromising on how many lippies you can cram inside.

Buy it here.

7. Wedges by Zara - £79.99


As IF you need a reason to have these awesome shoes in your life.

Buy them here.

8. Sandals by Zara - £39.99

You know you can't just buy one pair of shoes on a Zara trip! These pastel blue beauties will be a worthy investment as we head into summer.

Buy them here.

9. Knit Dress by Warehouse - £45

It's all been about London Fashion Week recently, so tap in on the action and get this exclusive dress from Warehouse for Philli Wood's clever take on all things 'cable knit'. 

Buy it here.

10. Umbrella by Mango - £14.99

I'd hate to be practical but I am going to suggest an umbrella after what feels like an entire lifetime of being caught on London's streets without one. At least the print on this one makes it feel like summer is on the way.

Buy it here.

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