Valentine's Fails

11 February 2014

With the highly anticipated Valentine's Day fast approaching, here are some *epic* fails when it comes to the day of love. Stay well clear!

Gigantic teddy bears

Surely that £100 you spent on this could be used for something far better?

Comedy pants


This is just a no. Take this Beef Jerky example... NO ONE would ever want this.

Love coupons


You may as well hand a piece of paper over saying 'I’m skint – sorry'!

Trophy for being the best partner!

This does not make your loved one feel like a winner. Plus, where on earth would you put it?

Couples clothing


Just look at it... LOOK AT IT! Errm, no.

Chocolate body paint


It never properly melts, it ends up everywhere in lumps and puts you off ever using it again. It will sit in the cupboard until you find it 3 years later when it's way past its sell by date.

Themed clothing  or fancy dress


It's a no – and I guarantee you will regret it when the pictures are leaked by your disgruntled ex on Facebook.

Forgetting to book a restaurant and ending up at McDonalds


Forward planning is key. A happy meal is not the definition of romance.

Roses from the bargain bin at the petrol station


You clearly forgot. So you stopped off for ANYTHING you could get your hands on before you got home... Again, forward planning is key.

Love themed food

While I might (might) be tempted by bacon roses this is still a no. Weirdness factor is too big to overcome.

Card from your mum

After watching romantic movies, I’m like…

If you don’t have someone currently in your life, nothing says 'sad & lonely' more on Valentine’s Day than only getting one card. From your mother.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin