Where to take a tinder date

13 February 2014

So you’ve joined Tinder. Congrats. The new dating phenomenon has removed all of the romance and awkwardness from the ‘mate picking process'.

It has seemingly changed the way that people will meet going forward. Dislike. Like. Dislike. Dislike. That’s how the Tinder game rolls and it’s a very frank app. Thankfully, or not, when it comes to the actual dating process it requires more than an excited swipe on the phone!

The first time you meet a Tinder date it can naturally be incredibly awkward, how could it not be? When you’ve both effectively grunted aesthetic approval at each other. Realistically a Tinder date could go one of two ways; so awkward you instantly delete your Tinder account and vow not to go on another date for at least a year, or, you get on like a house-on-fire and find it so hard to stop talking you have to finish the conversation at home, with a string of further dates to follow. Let’s hope it’s the latter!

If there’s one thing that makes a Tinder date less awkward it’s a good venue and Late Night London knows good venues! With you in mind we’ve lined up our top three first date venues in London, guaranteed to take the pressure off and allow you to discover if a picture is in fact worth 1000 dates.

For the fancy dates

Babble Mayfair. Babble has the luxurious vibe that will impress your date no end. With its premium wine and cocktail list and its sophisticated interior this is perfect for an upmarket date. You know the kind, someone so hot you’re proud to catch both your reflections in the mirror. You give the impression of class and elegance to your Tinder match and see if your partner is up to the etiquette challenge in this stylish paradise. If all goes to plan, their very chic private booths are the perfect space to get know each other in close proximity. Book here.

For the quirky dates

Bar Soho, Soho. If you’re a cool, kooky and an understated kinda guy/gal then Bar Soho is the ultimate first Tinder date location for you! Furnished like a fairground carousel, with retro TV’s playing Tom and Jerry on the wall and lip-urinals in the toilet it’s one of the quirkiest bars in town. With a velvet double bed located on the second floor it could be just the seductive paradise you need to kick get your date motor’s started! Book here.

For the foodie dates

The Gable, Moorgate. A relaxed dining atmosphere, great for ensuring conversation is flowing smoothly with a simple interior and relaxed seating. Choose from British classics or try one of their specials including seafood and chorizo spaghetti. Take things downstairs to ‘The Cellar’, if Tinder has picked a winner, it is one of the best hidden clubs in the City for busting a move. Book here.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin