Beat the January Blues

9 January 2014

It’s that time of year again. It’s cold, it's damp, my salary and my waistline are stretched to the max, and to make matters worse… I haven’t got tickets to see Britney in Vegas (yet).

Usually in January I just grab a DVD box-set, hunker down and pray for daylight but this year I feel like I need to get out there and embrace the new year with open arms.

So here is my 9 step program to get in the spirit of 2014.

1. Don’t go diet crazy

Calories, carbs and detoxes oh my. Who isn’t talking about watching their weight at the moment. I find the best method is to eat healthy but don’t go overboard. Homemade soups and grilled veg are your friends –  not your real friends, they are too busy googling “how many calories in a fruit tea?”

2. Make plans for beyond January

Lets be honest, there are more pounds on the bathroom scales than in our bank accounts at the moment. Stuck inside with no money to play with but it can be a great time to plan. Book those holiday dates and organise weekends away now for February and beyond.

3. Time to shine at work

January and February sees most companies have their biggest recruitment and intake period. Use this quiet time to showcase what you can do. You don’t want to be out on your ear for buzzfeed overuse.

4. Set your goals

Forget New Year’s resolutions – what’s the one thing you want to do this year? Join a gym? Go up the Shard? Get a boyfriend? All these things need proactive work researching (particularly the boyfriend one). Now is the time to put plans in place to achieve your goals.

5. Start holiday shopping

Start looking now – group savings and deposit payments are rife online. If you approach the conversation now with your travel buddies then it’s perfectly timed for a payday deposit. You will need a holiday after a month long whatsapp group chat about destinations.

6. Introduce a new hobby

Mine’s home cooking. Utilising the Christmas presents I received I am now a whiz at whipping up a loaf. I plan to be on the Great British Bake off this year (maybe more because I want to meet Mel & Sue) but it’s kept me busy and has given me something to make me feel like a grown up (before I put nutella on it).

7. Enjoy some of London's attractions for free

Markets, sightseeing, this city is full of amazing places to explore, which you can do on a budget! A Sunday Boris bike sesh down the regents canal will show you more exciting stop offs than a monopoly board.

8. Box off stuff you want to do to you home

Get those paintbrushes out, use that small screwdriver set from the Christmas cracker and do all the little bits that you never got round to in 2013. I must build that kitchen island (never done any woodwork so it’s a little ambitious).

9. When all else fails – TV is your friend.

I'm currently binge watching ER. Someone please help.

Sam Chedzoy