I’ve got 99 problems, but my diet isn’t one…

6 January 2014

After piling on the Christmas bulge and drinking enough alcohol to sink a boat everyone is keen to cut back...

...on the calories and get their arse into gear for the new year. However, this can leave January being the most miserable month of the year. With naughty foods being banished, alcohol consumption reduced and gruelling exercise regimes at the ready, there’s not much fun to be had. So instead, we’ve devised our own plan for getting back into shape that doesn’t leave you feeling like you have nothing to live for and instead turns January into the most fun, fat busting month of the year. Here’s how to get fit, the Late Night London way: 

Skinny Cocktails

If you want to cut back on those liquid calories, giving up drinking altogether and sacrificing your social life isn’t the only option - there is an alternative. We’ve created some super skinny cocktails that can give those slim line G&T’s a run for their money on the calorie front. By replacing sugar with fresh fruit purees and agave syrup we’ve managed to create cocktails that have very little calories, whilst ensuring they are just as delicious as ever. Stay tuned for more details!

Rave your way to fitness


Burn those calories the fun way like shaking glow sticks and getting down and dirty on the dance floor. It’s a hundred times more fun than your bog standard trip the gym. Fitness Freak will be hosting the hottest fitness raves in London this year, and they recommend you gather a group of close mates, don as much new rave attire as possible and make one hell of a party out of getting fit in 2014! 

Slopes, snow and holiday!


Go on an active holiday like skiing and you can burn up to 350 calories an hour without even noticing, because you are having far too much fun. Just make sure you lay off the decadent creamy hot chocolates whilst you’re there! And for extra calorie-burning, well, then there's after-ski...

Become a smoothie connoisseur

With so much fruit out there just waiting to get blended there’s great potential to have fun in the kitchen coming up with new and interesting combinations. Replacing stodgy breakfasts like muffins and croissants with fresh smoothies is a sure fire way of keeping the pounds off and even better way of getting your 5-a-day.

The kit makes the difference 


Invest in a snazzy new gym kit and you will be itching to get out there to show it off to the world, what better incentive to get you out the door for a run? If you don’t feel like running go for a walk instead- it’s still exercise at the end of the day and at least the kit gets an outing.

The Editor

The Editors