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The Business of Partying

28 January 2014

Partying is a very serious business; some people make careers out of it. Take the likes of Kate Moss and Paris Hilton, they are the Alan Sugar of the partying world and when it comes to having a good time, well, they clearly mean business.

Here at Late Night London we like to think of ourselves as quite the party-professionals too, and like any good mentor we thought we’d share our expert tips for taking partying to the next level. Now pay attention as this is where it gets serious...

Be confident

Any good party animal has to ooze confidence. When you walk into a club, own the room and make sure e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e knows you’ve arrived. Even if you’re faking it, confidence & some zsa-zsa-zuu is guaranteed to attract attention and if you want all eyes on you, this is your one-way ticket. Hold your head high and strut your way to the middle of that dance floor!


Once you’re inside make sure you get your charm offensive on and mingle with as many of the right people as possible, locate that VIP area as it’s not what you know but who you know and remember to show your best smile! Best tip – if you go somewhere often, get to know the staff, the doorman and managers – always be polite and patient. This way you’ll quickly get your face known and the perks that come with that will begin to roll in. Hello queue jumping!  

Let your hair down

The ultimate goal of being a party-professional is having a good time, whether that is sitting in a booth people watching with your friends, chatting up the local talent or strutting your best moves a’ la Britney. Most importantly though you need to relax and let your hair down, have a shot of tequila, hit the dance floor, and let loose. Don’t be afraid of what people think, it’s all about the confidence (thanks Gok Wan) as it’s all about having fun, not being able to shake it like Beyoncé (seriously, none of us can anyways).

Pose & snap

Being seen everywhere and with everyone is very important; it’s basically how Kate Moss got so famous. Okay, so you may not have the pap’s following you but it’s very easy to get snapped here, there and everywhere. Don’t overload on the selfies as that will instantly kill your cool vibes. Instead, be in everyone else’s photos looking as chic as possible, no tongues or boobs though – nobody wants to be friends with a Miley Cyrus wannabe.

No rest for the wicked

Party animals don’t sleep!!!! There’s always more party potential even when others are ready to hit the sack, so a clear POA is key on any night out. Find out beforehand who's out, where they’re going to be and what after-parties will be taking place. If plans do fall through you can always be the hostess with the mostess and bring the party back to yours - the serious business of partying must always go on! #NoRegrets #partyprofessional

The Editor

The Editors