Guilt-free skinny cocktails: 1-5

14 January 2014

Whilst some have decided to abide by Dry January and have absolutely no fun at all, we’ve decided to opt out. There really is no rest for the wicked, but...

...when the wicked want to try and shift a couple of pounds after the Christmas bulge, that’s the time for skinny cocktails to step in.

We’ve devised some of the skinniest cocktails to date - 10 in total - so skinny in fact; they can give a slim line G&T a run for its money on the calorie front. This way you don’t have to be a hermit and instead party and shift the pounds at the same time.

And if you fancy making one of these fresh cocktails at home to impress your health conscious friends we’ve chucked our favourite recipe in to, so you can do skinny cocktails, DIY style.

'G&Tea' available at The Sterling, Aldgate


See what we did here? We’ve literally put the ‘tea’ in G&T. Green Tea is notorious for its weight loss remedies and combined with a trusty gin and tonic it can do no wrong.

25ml Beefeater Gin
25ml Extra Dry Martini
100ml Green Tea Concentrate
25ml agave syrup
Lemon wedge and tea bag to serve 

To make green tea concentrate, cold brew 2 green tea bags in a litre of water for 1 hour. To make the cocktail, place all the ingredients in a glass mug with ice and stir. Serve with lemon wedge and tea bag.

'Go Wild' available at Ruby Blue, Leicester Square


Don’t be hermits this January; instead go wild with this cocktail! An absolutely outrageous combination of vodka, raspberries, lemon, and mint all crushed together for an explosive cocktail that is as healthy as it is wild. 

'Pommartini' available at Bar Soho, Soho


The positive pomegranate is one of the most powerful super foods out there, so this cocktail will most definitely fit the detox plan. With fresh pomegranate seeds mixed together with pomegranate juice, lime juice and a cheeky serving of gin, this cocktail is simply dripping with antioxidants.  

'Skinny Mojito' available at all Late Night London Bars

If you’re a Mojito fan but worried about the sugar content this January, have no fear the Skinny Mojito is here! We’ve simply swapped the sugar content for agave syrup to ensure not a single ounce of sugar touches your lips- trust us you won’t notice the difference. To make things even better, we're giving them away for FREE! Simply register with Late Night London here and we'll swing you a free cocktail voucher.

'Bandaq' available at Sway, Holborn


A mixture of bananas with Havana 3 yrs. Club Rum makes for a Caribbean cocktail with a healthy twist. Served with a slice of banana on the rim of the Martini glass, it’s positively bananas and packed with potassium!