What's Happening @ Forge?

16 July 2014

Now that Forge has officially opened with a bang it is time to get this party in full swing and luckily it turns out that there is some serious fun planned for us to sink our teeth into and fully enjoy the rebirth of the City.

Kick off the week with ‘Meat You’ Mondays, with 2-4-1 on dinner and an incredibly good excuse to enjoy the least amazing day of the week with some meat and cocktails. Grab a group of friends, hot foot down to Forge and chow down expertly cooked steak. Holla Monday.

Book here.

If you are not in the mood for stepping out on a Monday then be sure to heat up the week on a Tuesday with cocktails available for only £5 at OneFourFive@24. The extensive list at Forge should keep you occupied for a while, good thing that there is a Tuesday in every week really. Book here.

Bring on the middle of week and let the animal in you lose as we celebrate the Wolf of Wednesday with some serious dining packages from as little as £25. Why Wednesday, yes I think I will enjoy a fabulous beef shortrib with the perfectly paired beer, thank you so much for asking. Book here.

Thursday is always a special night in the city and Forge has some fabulous launch activities to celebrate the arrival of the pre-weekend. This Thursday head to Forge for ‘Let’s Blow’ an out and out party of stratospheric proportions. If you can’t make it to ‘Let’s Blow’ have no fear as the 31st sees ‘Fire It Up’ land with a bang. Be sure to reserve a table for one or both and reveller in the music and majesty of our new favourite haunt in the city. Book here.

Close the week the right way and write-off you Friday with Forged at Forge introducing a line-up of fabulous DJ’s to help you party into the wee hours after supping on fine meats and exotic liquor’s. This really is the only place to start the weekend. Book here

For a limited time only, we offer a FREE £20 Uber Taxi if you visit Forge. Use promo code FORGEBAR. See you there! x

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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