If Facebook Could...

15 July 2014

The things you wish Facebook could do, from finding out who's been on your page to that much wanted 'Dislike' button.

1. Find out who has been on your page

Let’s be honest here, the amount you love someone is generally summed up in how much you check out their Facebook page. Who doesn't want to know their secret admirers. Although, this would probably be the end of Facebook, because at the end of the day, we're all creepy stalkers!

2. Alert you when one of your friends is near you 

Kind of like a google maps type thing where you can view the other persons "dot". This would be great for 1) finding friends in a busy crowd 2) avoiding any enimies/ex's or, 3) Unleash your inner bunny boiler as you follow your boy/girlfriend on their night out.

3. Have a "tinder-esk" part to it where you can speak to hot strangers 

All singles love tinder so let's be open about it and add in onto Facebook!! It can be called "lovebook" or "matchbook". Hello, why hasn't it been invented yet?! 

4. Have a photo editing option

Great for those double chin photos - how many photos have you discarded because of that triple chin/ mountain esk spot/ cellulite bum/ crooked tooth/ bald patch/ wrinkle eye/ hairy arm pit/ wet patch/ shiny forehead/ belly role/ saggy arm... Enough said.

5. A "discussion panel" 

Where you can search a topic and join a world-wide conversation. 

6. Music Book

An option where you can upload and share music into "musicbook".  Kind of like what Spotify are currently trying to do. Facebook should have got there first!

7. Backgrounds

Simple new setting so you can change your background from blue to multi coloured!! Do you remember Bebo, the social media trend of 2007? On Bebo you could colour your profile to suit your personality. I imagine my Facebook page would look way more fun with pink hearts and fluffy kittens as a background. 

8. An "anonymous post" 

For that poetic status. 


I think we can all agree on this one.

Louise Henderson

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