Make Mine a Mojito

23 July 2014

In this heat there is really only one thing on everyone’s mind: staying cool. It’s all about surviving the heat, really. Therefore we have selected the Mojito as our cocktail of choice and so we are celebrating the marvel of the modern Mojito.

The exact origin of the Mojito is something debated by historians, some believe that its raw ingredients were first combined by Sir Frances Drake to improve the flavouring of the rum they travelled with and combat that pesky scurvy with the additional lime after his crew were unwell off the coast of Cuba. It is universally agreed that Cuba is the birth place of the Mojito with others suggesting that the Creole influences in seasoning with limes alongside the poor quality of Rum in Cuba during the 19th century saw the concoction first mixed together. Whatever the situation we certainly aren’t complaining.

Modern Variations:

Luckily the Mojito is not simply rum, cane sugar and lime juice. The mixologists of the world have upped the stakes time and again with the reinvention of the Mojito in all shapes and sizes. With everything from Dirty, English, Greek, Malibu and hundreds more it can be difficult to decide, but we try.

Up there on our list of faves has got to be the raspberry Mojito, fresh, fruity and the perfect place between tart and sweet.

Looking for something a little sweeter? How about a pineapple Mojito, deliciously sweet and the perfect combination for a rich Rum blend.

Feeling upmarket then why not try the Champagne Mojito, a fabulous blend of two of our favourite things in one tall glass. Perfecto.

For novelty factor if nothing else we do always enjoy the Lemon Drizzle Mojito, if you enjoy cake and you love a Mojito this is the perfect situation for you.

Luckily if we have just got you in the serious Mojito mood and you too feel like enjoying the Mojitoey Madness then head straight to Jewel for 2for1 Mojito’s ALL DAY Monday to Wednesday. Ahoy sailor. 

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