The Future of Nightclubs

2 July 2014

I have a secret weird obsession… What things are going to be like in the future, and so, to feed my mania, I’ve taken a look at how nightclubs and the partying scene might evolve.

Believe it or not, these images are the same species in party mode. What happened? And where can we go from here? 

Will we continue to get absolutely wasted and dance on the tables until dawn? Will there be a new form of futurist party? 

In order to look forward we must of course first look back (partly because it's fun!)

1837 – The Victorian times, hello formality. 

Nice corset and petticoat you've got there! These were the days of courting and barely touching while dancing. Restraint was in and trouser snaking was out.

1900 – Let’s move a little

Dances in this era saw the dresses getting tighter and the dances getting more lively. Jazz started taking off which began to change the face of socialising. 

1920’s – Glitz & Glamour Town! 

Money is being thrown around, girls are dancing, champagne is flowing and the music is swinging. Nightlife did not disappoint. 

1940’s – The Swing Movement

Europe and the world were at war twice in this short period and that meant one thing, make hay whilst you are still alive. The swinging forties was a liberated period of momentary hedonism before the post-war 50’s brought society back down to morality with a bump.
1960’s – Hello colours. Hello beehive hair.

Nightclubs started to rebel against the tight controls of the politically strict 50’s and were designed to resemble tripping out, well hello Studio 64. 

1970’s – Disco Disco Disco!

1970’s clubbing was so popular that themed club rooms continue today. We have specisalised Groovy Wonderland rooms featured in FIVE of our venues. It’s seems as though we have never been able to let go of those fun flashy rooms.

1990’s – We just want to RAVE!

Nobody cares about club interior design within the 1990’s. They just wanted to RAVE. Glow sticks, lasers and neon galore. 

2014 – iPhone generation

We have crash landed in our own time! Look at our lovely Shadow Lounge below. Shadow Lounge has a futuristic interior design. Not only do the booths light up but so do the walls and ceiling. With new technologies on the market it is clear that out night clubs and bars are becoming almost as electronic as your iPhone!
So, the big question is where do we go from here? It’s obvious that time does not stand still and dramatic changes will be seen in the future of clubbing…

2099 - What's Next?

1. Dating in real time. The modern world is about doing everything faster and faster, will it be that the whole shelf-life of a relationship can be had inside one evening out? Perhaps instead of Tinder being virtual it will become physical and you will literally swipe away the ones you don’t like. 

2. Losing Control. As a nation we love to drink and this is never going to change, look at history. But perhaps technology will help to develop spaces in which the brain is placed in a euphoric state artificially meaning partying hard but leaving healthy – I quite like this idea, come on science.

3. Anti-gravity Dancing. The human will always dance, it is a primitive mating ritual that will never end. How will this change in the future? What about anti-gravity club rooms which mean everyone is floating. More room to express yourself and less room for nasty high heel pain. Or perhaps the silent disco will go one step further and everyone will be able to hear the exact song they want to dance to in their head, how marvellous. 

What do you think? I would be interested to hear your ideas so for all you crazy creative out there, drop us a comment below. You never know… maybe your idea might pop into a Late Night London venue 2090…

Louise Henderson

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