A Londoner's Bucket List

21 July 2014

As with all things it is easy to let your surrounds pass you by as you busily live your life. So I have made the ultimate list of London activities that you just *have to* squeeze in.

Here are the London things that you must do before you kick the bucket (upbeat much):

1. Drink In A Cave

Heard of B.Y.O.C? It means ‘Bring Your Own Cocktails’, obviously, and this is how it works: 1) you bring your own bottle of vodka 2) a skilled barman rolls a trolley filled with juices, fruits etc. to your table 3) said barman works his/her magic 4) You get very jolly. It really is rather genius. 

2. Jack The Ripper Tour

'He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888. Watching. Stalking. Butchering raddled, drink-sodden East End prostitutes.' Take a trip down London's memory lane with a killer tour, every night at 7:30pm from Tower Hills tube station. *Please tread carefully*.

3. Rave On The Thames

Don't worry, it's not the standard touristy dinner on the Thames. This is more like an Ibiza rave on a boat kinda thing with balearic beats and the sun setting over Big Ben.

4. Jazz It Up

London is famous for one Jazz bar in particular, Ronnie Scott’s – you haven’t properly lived in London if you haven’t tapped your feet and sipped some whiskey at this Soho mainstay. 

5. Walk The O2

Suit up, strap in and walk across what was once the Millennium Dome – what a view.

6. Try *THAT* Brick Lane Curry

The Brick Lane curry is apparently the best thing that has ever happened to people who like food. I have to agree. An absolute must try. 

7. Learn To Taste Wine

If you have never been to Vinopolis you are seriously missing out, this a wine experience like you would find in France – only in the heart of Borough Market. 

8. Try Happiness Forgets

The Mother Ship of small but fabulous cocktail showcases. 

9. Visit The Zoo

Breakaway from the norm and go visit the animals. Now you can also do it late night. I know you want to!

10. Go To The Globe

What could be more London honestly? Bet you haven’t been yet! It'd be a Shakespearean tragedy if you didn't...

11. Beer Masterclass At The Old Brewery

A beer-a-licious gastronomic experience run once or twice a month with Greenwich Community College, this five-hour beer masterclass includes a tour of the brewery & a lunch where each course – of course – has its beer match. Some dishes are even cooked in beer. Yum much? Umm, yeah.

12. Take To The Museums

In London we have incredible choices so whatever your taste it is your duty to at least try the Tate or the V&A or the National History Museum. After all, who doesn’t enjoy free art?

13. Visit The Battersea Power Station

Have you ever been inside? If not, you really should.

14. Take In St. Katherine’s Dock

Often forgotten but magnificent on a sunny day, this is a London gem that every Londoner need to have visited.

15. Enjoy The Members Clubs

Whether you prefer Shoreditch House to Soho House or White’s to Blake’s, London always has a new members club for you to make the most of. Yes, they are 'members only' but if there's a will, there's a way!

16. Nail The Markets

Predictable to put on a London bucket list but at least one visit to each market is a must. They are quintessentially 'London' and very much part of a rich tradition of shopping & culture.

17. Run Along The River As The Sun Rises

It really is quite spectacular – the sun rising over the houses of parliament and a London that hasn't woken up. Simply beautiful *she sighs*.

18. Have A Royal Afternoon Tea

No royals are actually likely to join you, sadly, but a cup of tea in the gardens of Buckingham Palace is the next best thing. A very quaint and wonderfully English affair. 

19. Attend A Trial At The Old Bailey

Perhaps the most famous court in the world, the Old Bailey has hosted some of the most famous trials in criminal history. The public galleries are open daily for you to view London’s most renowned barristers in action. Perfect way to spend a rainy day.

20. Visit Platform 9 3/4 At Kings Cross Station 

Kings Cross has installed an actual 9 3/4 platform from where Hogwarts Express departs. Don't you just love that they did that!?

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."  -  Samuel Johnson

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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