Heels On Us...

29 July 2014

We are giving things away! Not just any old things. Shoes! Not just any old shoes – Christian Louboutins. We will say it again, Christian Louboutins. You did read that correctly.

(Hysterical screaming, jumping up and down to follow.)

Yes, if you are a deep-seated craver of the infamous red sole, whether you already have ten pairs or you haven’t quite saved up enough for your first yet, Tiger Tiger are offering you the exclusive opportunity to add a free pair to your collection, sigh.

The best part of the whole fandango is that in order to get your hands on a pair of those coveted red-soled beauties what you have to do is simple... Get online to Tiger Tiger, register & book yourself a table, round up some friends and get them on the guest list and generally spend the evening partying like you would any other night of the week. In return for you having a sensational time Tiger will give you tokens that give you the all-important chance of winning. The more tokens the better your chances so rope every male you can think of into heading straight to Tiger Tiger this pay weekend and bag yourself some serious footwear (see what we did there). 

No time to waste ladies, you don’t want someone else winning a FREE pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS do you? I know, stupid question. Register here for you chance to win here.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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