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11 June 2014

I've heard people say that Londoners are stuck up snobs who are hard to please. And yes, sometimes we are. But I think that Londoners, more than anyone else, are thankful for the small things.

Yes, we can get irrationally upset about things, as discussed here. However, on the other hand, I think it's quite easy to make a Londoner smile.

These are the things that will make any Londoners' day. Ain't they just so lovely:

1. Making the last tube

There is absolutely nothing worse than abandoning the party to make a dash for the tube only to find that the last train left seconds before you got there. Fuckers. That is why we love it so very much when we DO make the last tube and manage to avoid the vomit fest that is… The Night Bus!

2. Getting a seat on the tube in the morning

You've been squashed down the carriage on your morning commute, you're basically saddling the person sitting down, then suddenly they put their paper down and you realise that it is actually happening... THEY ARE GETTING OFF AT THE NEXT STATION! I've never won the lottery but I imagine this is what it feels like...

3. Finding a cab on a rainy night

I know, I hear you, they are a myth. A rainy night and all the taxis are just gone. Gone. But then, like Willy Wonka's golden ticket you spy one. He stops and picks you up. You'll treasure this saaaa-weet moment forever in your London heart.

4. Locating a great house, in a great location, at a great price

This is the trifecta of London apartment myths that normally only happen to those beautiful people for whom unicorns exist and their hair never needs washing. Reality is more like this: you're happy if you find a decent sized room with heating at a price that means you can afford 2 packs of noodles a week. So if you luck out, congratulations!

5. Uber

What can I say? Uber is obvs the best thing that has ever happened to London. Addison Lee were getting too big (and expensive) for their boots... Just sayin'.

6. Spotting his royal Mayorness on a Boris bike

Yep, you read correctly, Boris on a Boris bike – honestly what could possibly be better? It is just one of those priceless moments that MasterCard keeps banging on about.

7. No queue

The English are spectacularly good at queuing, it is pretty much a national skill. However, being Londoners we inherently dislike anything which consumes our precious time. So no queue at Tesco/Post Office/Tube Self Service Machines/Pub is really like the best thing that can happen.

8. An apology

Yes, everyone loves a good apology but Londoners love them more. Simply because we're so used to people bumping or knocking or smacking us around the chops with an enormous shopping bag and pretending it didn't happen. So it really is a GREAT (albeit rare) moment when someone actually apologises.

9.  A Royal Wedding

An extra Bank Holiday are what dreams are made of.

10. A ‘Right Kinda’ Opening

Something which you really really like, maybe Whole Foods, or a Snog opens twenty seconds from your door. This is a gift from the London gods.

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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