Great Things Take Time...

18 June 2014

Never content to do anything by halves we are very excited to announce the arrival of a new sheriff in the City. Forge is coming, July 2014.

As with all the best things, this masterpiece is going to take a little time, not too much of course, and the revelation is certain to be a spectacular one this time around. Sadly, or not, our lips are sealed about just what is waiting to be unlocked at this incredible new getaway in the city.

Forge is destined to be the only place to be seen, a who’s who of power players in the city, and you will want to keep your eyes on the activities that are happening at 24 Cornhill to stay in the know. That said, there are hints floating about online for you.

SECURE YOUR FORTUNE! Generous as we are, we thought we would give you the opportunity to be one of the first to experience the stunning new venue by unlocking the Forge Vault – oh yes you read that correctly - and Secure Your Fortune in the most fun way. Enter a code on the website to (110971) here and reveal 100’s of Forge experience’s including champagne evenings, complimentary lunches, steak tastings, mixology classes and far more besides.

Just writing that has gotten us seriously excited, bet act quickly or we might sit here trying to figure it out on our own!

Ellen Modin

Ellen Modin

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