Top Shelf Booze Porn

30 June 2014

The cocktails at Forge don’t have names, just numbers. No gimmicks needed when you've got this level of top shelf booze porn.

When we open the Forge doors in a few weeks’ time, there are so many things we can’t wait for you to try. Especially the Forge cocktail menu. We’re talking Granny Apple smashin’ whiskeys, gin slingin’ high balls and a selection of ‘naughty waters’ that would make your mum blush. 

Late Night London lets their dog off the leash to bring you this exclusive preview from our resident drinky expert… The Booze Hound. #forgedinlondon #spoileralert

No.1 – ‘The Granny Smasher’


Beard stroking whiskey boffins are getting themselves in a right old tizz about FEW RYE WHISKEY. Imported from Chicago, it’s just stunningly smooth straight up. But after our visit to the States last month, we felt compelled to serve it up just like those Yankie-Doodle-Dandies do and lengthen it's earthy goodness with apples. Booze Hound Fact! Apples and whiskey are as legendary a combo as Mulder and Scully. In fact, in the hottest joints stateside, the bar folk are fermenting whiskey in barrels of apples for up to 5 days (just for laughs). The tarter the apple, the better the taste. And after exhausting research, we think that we've found the killer rye-apple recipe for Forge. It involves SMASHING A WHOLE GRANNY SMITH APPLE into your glass and masterfully mashing with our old pal Few Rye and just a smidge-a-roo of soda. Welcome to Smoothtown... Population me!

The Result: Our No.1 for a reason. Crisp, pure and refreshing. Now get in my belly you tasty little bastard!


Tanqueray No.10 Gin, Absinthe, Triple Sec lengthened with Lillet Blanc (French aperitif) muddled with lemon juice and fresh egg white. No. 71 is inspired by cult classic style mixology. This is pure fist-pumping Alchemy!

The Result: Sings like a Soprano but bites like Suarez.


No. 62 ‘Go Banana’s’

If you’re gonna put Tequila in a cocktail then make it a bleedin' good'un. We chose Don Julio Resposado. Proper Mexican class. Barrel-aged for 8 months. It’s way smoother than the gazillions of others we tried. We mash Don Julio with the gorgeous ginger and almondy nectar that is Velvet Falernum (Caribbean Syrup) and crème de banana. Finished with limes and sugar. 

The Result: A fresh and fruity little belter!

The Forge family have traveled the World over to make sure the cocktails are something to savour. We didn’t just go with fancy pants-super-premium spirits, we went with our hearts. Come and see us at Forge from 11th July and let us know your thoughts.

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Cheers y’all

The Booze Hound

Booze Hound

Booze Hound