Men & the drinks that match them

20 June 2014

Another London Collections: Men has come to a close and we've now got a pretty good idea of all the trends for Spring Summer 2015. Here are the five hair looks to steal from London Collections.

I was working backstage with TONI&GUY and label.m on all things hair (after all, an outfit is never complete unless you've also paid some attention to your barnet) so I can give you a sneak peek into the hair looks that you may be sporting this time next year. Just call me Mystic Meg with a hairdryer.....or something.

As this is Late Night London I've done the decent thing and suggested a drink to go with each do. What's the point of a new look if you can't celebrate with a matching cocktail, after all?

Get those combs out.


Look 1 - 'Rambo meets 70s Wimbledon' at Baartmans & Siegel

We may as well start with my favourite, right? This look is a little bit Platoon and a little bit Centre Court, a sweaty style that screams I AM MAN. You can run around for a few hours in the sun or recreate the salty wet look with label.m Sea Salt Spray.

To drink? A 'Taengo Mary' at Core. As this hair look was inspired by a tennis meets Vietnam theme, it makes sense to opt for a cocktail that blends strawberries with....wait for it....chilli sauce?! Yep, this is a real cocktail and it's totally delicious in its bonkersness. Sweet chilli sauce meets fresh strawberries, lemon juice, tomato juice and Finlandia Vodka. 

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Look 2 - "Moddish anarchy as The Kinks meet The Who" at E.Tautz

This look is for boys with a bit of attitude. If you're more more likely to be running into trouble at the British seaside than topping up your tan in St Tropez then this is the one for you.

To drink? 'Tea & Toast' at Foundation. For such a British look it would be foolish to order anything less brilliant than Tea & Toast. Don't worry though, this isn't a cop out - you'll still get your booze! This Foundation special sees fresh blueberries mixed with orange liqueur, passion-fruit, lemon, Earl Grey tea and a rather large helping of milk vodka. It's served in a Marmite jar and comes with a slice of toast. Really. God save the Queen. 

Book a table at Foundation here.

Look 3 - 'Chic beach grooming' at Orlebar Brown

I've mentioned Orlebar Brown a fair bit in my Something For The Weekend posts and there really is no better brand when it comes to perfectly tailored beachwear. This classic hair look is all about working with healthy natural hair, it's understated yet somehow still manages to scream elegance. A bit like Orlebar Brown swim trunks, then.

To drink? An 'El Coco' at Kanaloa. Obviously you want a drink with a beachy vibe, but this is still a gentleman's look so let's avoid anything as obvious as a Sex On The Beach. The El Coco is a heavenly blend of Bacardi Superior, fresh pressed sugar cane juice, fresh lime, Coco Lopez and soda. Mmmmm.

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Look 4 - "Undone Gatsby with a textured twist" at Hardy Amies.

A modern take on 20s tailoring is always welcome and I suspect this is a style we'll be seeing more and more of in London town.

To drink? A 'Downton Abbey' at Foundation. Stick with the posh 20s theme but go for the British version with this cocktail which see Eristoff Vodka mixed with cherry liqueur, raspberries, blackberries and cranberry juice....oh and RED WINE. It is served with cheese and crackers. Of course it is. 

Book a table at Foundation here.

Look 5 - "Seriously slick military" at Matthew Miller.

This is an intense look for the very fashion forward, pulling in military influences from the 40s and 50s. Are you badass enough?

To drink? A 'Dark & Stormy' at The Gable. This hair look has something almost sinister about it, so you need a drink that sticks with the idea that there may be trouble ahead. What better than a classic Dark & Stormy which sees Gosling's Black Seal Rum mixed with lime juice and fiery ginger beer? Be warned, drink enough of these and there WILL be trouble ahead. For sure.

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Poppy Dinsey Late Night London

Poppy Dinsey