On Repeat

20 June 2014

Tania von Pear lists the tracks you should have on repeat this weekend. #FridayFloorFillers

Ed Sheeran “Sing”

I love this song! Ed teams up with Pharrell to create a dream team… Bit of a change in direction here from Mr Sheeran and he has listed Justin Timberlake as an inspiration which you can definitely feel. The video features a puppet of Ed getting drunk and going to a strip club apparently Ed has kept the puppet…

Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack”

REEEE-WWWIND ma selecta… classic RnB anthem alert! Pulling out a golden oldie I had forgotten about…a classic one hit wonder from Mark Morrison. Love this video, proper 90’s style checklist : dodgy gold chains, wrap around sunglasses, leather long coat, crocodile shoes plus some epic dance moves from the man himself

Rudimental “Not Giving In”

Special shout out to all the footie fans…I know everyone is fed up today. But here’s one for you! Rudimental’s massive track featuring the dulcet tones of John Newman from their debut album “Home” C’mon people, it’s Friday…we may be down but we are not out…yet!